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Before asking me a question, please make sure it hasn’t already been answered here!

How did you first get into Sailor Moon?

It was five years ago. It was really late at night, and I was browsing a forum. I saw a picture of Sailor Mars, and I thought she looked really cool and pretty so I checked out what series she was from. I started watching it on a whim (the original Japanese version, and I feel in love almost immediately!

Where do I watch/read Sailor Moon?

Please look at my Great Links page, and if you’re still having trouble, let me know!

Where can I find good Sailor Moon pictures/good information?

Once again, my Great Links page is filled with the very best Sailor Moon resources and places I know! I add onto it whenever I find something new.

Why do you post non-Sailor Moon related things? 

This is a personal blog as well as being a Sailor Moon-related one. 

Why do you hate the North American dub? Why are you so rude to dub fans?

See, most people who love the dub love it for nostalgia’s sake. They grew up with it, and it influenced them. I COMPLETELY respect and accept that, and I think it’s fantastic Sailor Moon has been in their lives for so long! I believe that a “true” Sailor Moon fan is somebody who loves and appreciates the series. It doesn’t matter how much they know, or what they’ve seen, all that matters is that they love the series and are polite to other fans. However, I expect the same respect I give in return, and I will not be “rude” unless they attack me. 

Hate is a very strong word; I strongly dislike the dub. I didn’t grow up with it, so I have no nostalgic feelings towards it. You have to understand this from the perspective of one who never had it in their childhood. From a translation standpoint, it’s very bad. The main point of dubs is to translate a series and bring it into a different culture, and the dub failed to translate it accurately for the most part. I believe it should be treated as an adaptation, a different version of the Sailor Moon series.

I tried messaging you! Why did you ignore me?

Please, PLEASE, if you send me a message and I don’t answer it,  assume that Tumblr ate it. I have never ignored an ask (unless they are rude), and if I don’t answer it, it means that I never got it. Please try again! 

What’s the difference between the original and the reprint manga?

There are only a couple of differences. The story, plot, and everything else is EXACTLY the same. The Sailor Moon manga was originally 18 volumes, and the reprint manga compressed this down to 12, with two additional volumes for the side stories.

The only other change is artwork. Predominately in the first and second story arcs, Naoko Takeuchi touched up, and in some cases redrawn, the artwork. After the third story arc, there are less and less of these changes.

When is the manga coming out, and where/how can I preorder it? Where can I find it when it comes out?

The date the manga, and Codename: Sailor V, is coming out is September 13th. You can preorder both volumes of Codename: Sailor V, and can preorder the first four volumes of Sailor Moon from Amazon.

Codename: Sailor V

Sailor Moon:

This is a HIGHLY anticipated release, and it’s safe to assume most bookstores will have it. I think the safest option of all is to preorder. If you don’t want to do that, the safest bookstore option is Barnes and Nobles.

Why won’t you follow me back?

I’m very sorry, but I don’t follow for follow. It’s not personal, it’s just how I run things! I follow blogs that cater to my interests, and I tend to be very specific. Please don’t be offended!

Will you promote me?

This sort of falls under the same category as “follow backs.” I will not give you a promotion if you ask for one. Once again, it’s NOT personal, and I’m sure you have a lovely blog, but it just isn’t fair for me to promote one person without promoting anyone else. If I promoted you, I’d have to promote EVERYONE who asked and it would turn ugly fast. Also, I may occasionally promote blogs that I have personally discovered. 

You’re such a bitch. I hate the way you run things! >:(

If you dislike me, PLEASE UNFOLLOW ME. Nobody is forcing you to stay. Sending me hurtful messages won’t change anything, and frankly, it’s a massive waste of your time.

If you don’t like, unfollow me and track the Sailor Moon tags instead. I tag every picture that I post, so you should find it. I will not publish any more hurtful messages, because I won’t pollute my blog with trash.

Will you be my friend?




Do you take requests?

Yes! Always! I’m more than happy to oblige what you request! Manga coloring requests are explained in detail below. Feel free to ask me to post any character.

What do you use to color manga?

Colored pencils! I use a combo of Crayola and Prismacolor.

How do you color manga?

Firstly, all of my scans are from Miss Dream. I’ve downloaded all of the high quality raw scans of the manga. Then, I go into iPhoto (exclusive to the Mac, I’m not sure if Windows has anything like that) and edit the out the panel I want to color from the rest of the page. I may do some additional editing to remove the text or things like that. Then I print out the panel.

I then color using colored pencils! I use both Prismacolor and Crayola (I don’t have many Prismacolors because they’re so expensive, but Crayola works very well, too!). After coloring the panel, I scan it and do some tweaking (cropping out all of the boundaries, brightening the colors because scanning it dulled it a little, etc). That’s all! 

Do you take manga coloring requests?

Yes, I do! However, I have the right to accept or decline a request. The only reason I will decline a request is if I can’t color the panel. Because I color manga traditionally (meaning I color using colored pencils and traditional tools as opposed to coloring digitally) this puts some limits on what I can and can’t do. 

There’s no limit to how many colorings you can request, but please don’t overwhelm me! :P

What do you look like?

Look here

Will you ever turn anon back on?

Unfortunately, no. I’ve decided that anon will be off permanently. I’ve received far too much anon hate and it’s something I won’t risk anymore.

What do you know about the 2013 anime?

At the time of writing this, all we know is that

  • Mitsuishi Kotono (Usagi) and Furuya Tooru (Mamoru) will likely be reprising their original roles
  • It will air the summer of 2013
  • It will be broadcasted simultaneously worldwide (I’m assuming it will be in Japanese with subtitles)
  • It may be intended for more mature audiences
  • It will follow the manga more closely than the anime did
  • The J-Pop group Momoiro Clover Z will be singing the opening and ending themes

No new information has been revealed since its announcement last summer. However, as soon as new details are confirmed, I will be sure to post them!

Why is Haruka’s name all capitalized in your tags?

When I was first tagging everything at the beginning of this blog, I accidentally had the CAPS LOCK on and typed in Haruka’s name. By the time I realized what had happened, it had already been submitted and now I can no longer change it. It’s like that because of a technical error, not because of any outstanding love I have for Haruka, although of course I still do think she’s amazing.

Where do you get all of your Sailor Moon merchandise?


How do you make your memes?

A lot of people use Photoshop, but I don’t. I found a great alternative! It’s online and doesn’t require any registration. 

It does stamp you with a watermark, but it’s super easy to get around. I usually just screencap the meme without actually clicking the “save and share” button. Or you could click it and just crop out the watermark (it’s at the very bottom).

Where do you get your Sailor Moon scans from?

I got everything from Miss Dream.

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