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Great Sailor Moon links

A lot of you have been asking where to go for great Sailor Moon stuff, so here they are!

These are the cream of the crop, best of the best, sites that I have been using for a long time. I’m very picky when it comes to good Sailor Moon websites, so if these are great for me, they’ll be fantastic for you! 

Picture Sites

  • The Oracle- THE place to go for Sailor Moon!
  • You’re going to have to search for a while to get all of the pictures you want, but the site is FANTASTIC! I’ve contributed hundreds of pictures myself (Look for Mileyangel321!)
  • In Polish, but a wonderful site and easy to navigate!
  • Yet another very wonderful and unique gallery!
  • Animeextremist- Another top of the notch gallery!
  • TinyStar- Has incredible screencaps of all the Senshi’s attacks, transformations, and special scenes.
  • Sailor Galaxy- In Russian, but it’s easy to navigate or you can just use an online translator. They have screencaps of almost every Sailor Moon episode!
  • Looking for SM settei? Look no further! Settei are character sheets that the animators of a series use as a design reference.)
  • Only Shojo- In Italian, but easy to understand! It has some of the wonderful new Italian SM art.
  • Manga Style- A fantastic gallery of the 5 manga artbooks! 
  • Rubberslug- Browse hundreds of galleries for SM animation cels!
  • SnowDrop- Has very high quality manga pictures and great information!
  • Aquantis- You can download ALL of the BSSM anime artbooks here, as well as many of the board books!
  • Sailor Moon Fan Page- In German, but has lovely pictures.
  • Sailor Moon Sniplets Gallery- Has nice pictures of from the manga, sorted by character.
  • Serenitatis- a gallery devoted to Usagi and Mamoru; it’s been open for well over a decade and has THOUSANDS of pictures!
  • isshou-ni- a fantastic website not only containing pictures, but also essays, multimedia, and episode downloads!


Read/Watch Sailor Moon:

  • Mangafox’s Sailor Moon page- There’s so much on here it’s not even funny. DEFINITELY worth a visit!
  • Miss Dream- A Sailor Moon scanslation site that has translated the entire reprint manga. Very accurate translations, and is sure to tide you over until the volumes are released here! They are also working on Sailor V, and have translated MANY doujinshi, lyrics, and other things.
  • Sailor Moon Center- This is the place where I got my Sailor Moon episodes that I cap! It’s all in STUNNING quality. The only downside is that they don’t have SuperS, but they still update and are working on it!
  • Moon Healing- If you don’t want to download entire seasons in batches, or just want to download certain episodes, this is the place for you! This Tumblr is still being updated, so patience is key.
  • Veoh PGSM channel- Has uploaded all of the PGSM episodes and specials.
  • Youtube channel Sailorwarsupreme- Has uploaded all (or most) of the Sera Myu musicals.
  • Anime Crazy- Has all 200 episodes and specials!
  • Lovely Anime- Has all of the Japanese/English subbed episodes!
  • Watch Sailor Moon- Pretty self-explanitory!
  • Anime Ratio: For all of you Dubbies out there!  
  • Anime Season- Another place to watch subbed episodes!
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