Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss!


I never knew how true and realistic and non-exaggerated this episode was until I went to college.



This is deep, man

one of the greatest piece of information taught to me in life was from a fucking deranged talking baboon






airyairyquitecontrary replied to your post: “insidiousmisandry replied to your post: “commas and ampersands replied…”:
The ‘Moon Power Animate!’ project is using that episode, with the dubbed soundtrack, which I’m afraid will rather spoil it for you.

I KNOW. I’m so disappointed about that. I love the project and I’m really looking forward to it, but UGH THAT LINE.

I wish I had any artistic talent at all. I would totally have gotten involved in the project and snagged that scene and had Raye shattering the fourth wall as she delivered it with this incomprehensible “WHAT THAT SHIT AM I EVEN SAYING” look directly in the camera. Oo, and I’d add a fast scrolling caption underneath reading something like “WARNING: THIS SCENE CONTAINS 0% REI HINO AND MAY BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR FRIENDHIPS”.

Alas, I am not artistic.

Indeed I am glad you are not a graphic artist (and neither am I, but I’m not glad about that), because you missed the point of the project.

"Moon Animate, Make Up!’" is at its heart a celebration of Sailor Moon as it was in the collective pop-culture memory, not as you want it to be with your magic Japanese audio. Animators are redrawing the scenes frame-by-frame and taking inspiration from the audio of the dub. It’s a little hard for these animators to do the same with Japanese because it’s unlikely all of them have a firm enough grasp of the language to be able to make the gags. And even if they did, it would be a waste since the intended audience wouldn’t be able to intuitively understand.

If there is any reason why at times animators and cartoonists are at odds with anime fans it’s this.  Instead of marveling at all the hard, hard work that results in beautiful, fluid animation Sailor Moon wasn’t even capable of, or noting the choices the animators took in terms of backgrounds, coloring, and style, you all cry about how they used “THE DUB” or worse yet, scorn the project for false advertising because there is no “Make up!” as indicated by the title. No wonder people confess about being dub fans only while anonymous.

The sad thing is that there will be some copycat attempt at sequel (organized by other people) that will cater to the true-fans-only-watch-in-Japanese crowd, when instead of animators bringing new life and new ideas to the anime, people will take it upon themselves to visually “fix” the dub so that it’s more like the Japanese version, or worse yet just reanimate an episode of the original version. That’s moving backwards!

The audio changed the meaning of the anime so the animation now changes to match the audio. The dub comes full circle in a postmodern way that the original version never could.

You’ve already got Sailor Moon Crystal — a new flippin’ anime —so you’ve won the war. Can’t you let the English version of Sailor Moon get a little respect from fans?


#this level of righteous indignation #coupled with a complete lack of understanding is amazing 

Lmao, here comes the whole “DUB FANS ARE AN OPPRESSED MINORITY” schtick again from nangbaby. 

And seriously, you think this is a fucking WAR? Sailor Moon Crystal is for EVERY Sailor Moon fan; there are no sides or losses, we’ve ALL won because Sailor Moon is finally going to be back on the air and new again after over 15 years. But I guess you can just sulk while the rest of us celebrate *shrugs*


As requested, Modern Anna and Elsa c:


Okay so FIRST, select an image and open it up!! (File, Open, all that jazz that you’re gonna already know ahahah)

Once it’s open, over on the right-hand side you’ll see it’s labeled as Background and there’s a little lock beside it? Drag that lock down into the garbage can at the bottom of the column.
What this does is unlocks the layer so that you can delete the background!

When you do that, it changes from Background to Layer 0. Now over on the left-hand side, you’ll see the Magic Wand Tool. Use that and click in the picture all over the background, selecting all areas!!

(It’ll get that dotted line around the parts you’ve selected).
(Also make sure that second image in the toolbar at the top is selected, the two squares melded together. That means that you can select more than one thing!)

If you hold down on the mouse on the Magic Wand Tool’s selector thing, you’ll also see the Quick Selection Tool. That tool might be a little bit easier if you have a busy background, because you click and drag to select things (and at the tool-bar at the top you’ll be able to switch it into DEselect mode incase you select too much)

Once you have the background all selected, hit “Delete” on your keyboard!!!”

That checkered background is what you want!! That means you’re transparent!! You can also use the eraser tool and mess with its settings to clean things up if you want, but for the most part you’re done!! Just make sure that when you “Save as”, you save it as a PNG :D

Happy crafting!!!!!

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"send me anon hate"


I think it’s really tacky when people are like “LOL SEND ME ANON HATE” because I’ve received anon hate that has completely devastated me; it got so bad that I ended up turning anon off permanently two and a half years ago. Some people have had even worse experiences. 

Idk, it just feels like a slap in the face when people actually WANT that and act like it’s some fun and quirky thing that everyone is supposed to enjoy :/


Such ferocity!


Such ferocity!



when your friend has a really shitty opinion 


When your significant other chooses a bee over you


I’m gonna make you a rad tutorial with pictures and submit it to you MYSELF


My favorite pieces from the fifth artbook. 


This is an issue that affects everyone who likes my transparent pngs, so read on if you want to keep seeing those on your dashes.

So my go-to site for making transparent pictures, Clipping Magic, has totally sold out; you now have to buy monthly subscriptions to be able to actually download your pictures (and it’s total bullshit; to actually be able to make pngs at the rate I’m accustomed to, I’d have to pay like $15 a month). Yeah, no, fuck you, Clipping Magic.

However, I DO have Photoshop CC. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to go about making pngs on there (I used to know how to because I took a digital imaging class my senior year, but the knowledge has faded by this point). I tried to Google some tutorials but nothing is working for me.

So can anyone recommend some good tutorials that will allow me to make more transparent Sailor Moon pictures?

Aaaaayyy who wants to get crazy drunk off of some Sailor Moon booze 

Aaaaayyy who wants to get crazy drunk off of some Sailor Moon booze 

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