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Um, okay? Well, first of all, I don’t know why you automatically assumed that I’m white (I mean, I am, but the only physical attribute I give about myself in my about me description is that I’m 19 years old). Also, your about me says that you’rewhite, too, so I’m not sure where you were going with this.

Secondly, yes, the red string of fate IS an East Asian belief; it doesn’t belong to just one culture. It’s evident in Japan, China, and Korea, among other countries. I’m not quite sure what you mean by “bastardized,” considering that Naoko Takeuchi is a Japanese woman. Or, if you were referring to my own interpretation of Minako’s red bow, I’m not sure how that’s bastardized, either. Sailor Venus is based on the Goddess of Love, Venus, the entity who was in charge of bringing lovers together. It makes plenty of sense that Minako would have a visual representation of the red string of fate in her design.

I’m really just not sure what you’re aiming for here or why you felt the need to take it up on my post and accuse me of bastardizing East Asian culture.


Sailor Lethe by うさこ


Sailor Lethe by うさこ



Sailor Moon Symbolism: Ribbons

Ribbons are featured prominently in the Sailor Moon series. They appear

  • In various artwork.
  • During Sailor Moon’s transformations. Nearly all of her transformations feature masses of dark pink ribbons appearing and forming the basis of her fuku, including her gloves and boots. The series seems to imply that Sailor Moon’s fuku really is made up of magical ribbons; whenever her transformation is forcibly undone, her fuku dissolves into ribbons. 
  • During Sailor Chibi Moon’s transformations. Just like her mother, Chibi Moon’s fuku seems to be made up of ribbons.
  • As Minako’s iconic red bow. Minako is never seen without her red ribbon in her hair. According to the first chapter of Codename: Sailor V, Minako originally started wearing it because her crush said she’d look cute with it in her hair. Later on, that crush turned out to be a youma, and Minako (as Sailor V) was forced to kill him. After that. Minako still continued to wear the red ribbon because she felt that it really suited her. 
  • As part of the Senshi’s fuku. All of the Sol System Senshi have both a front and a back bow, mostly sharing the same color (except for Mars, Venus, and Uranus, whose bows are two different colors). In their Super forms, the back bows are lengthened, and in their Eternal forms, the bows become much thinner and more ribbon-like.

Ribbons themselves are highly symbolic. As the unfortunately defunct (but still salvageable thanks to the Internet archive) magical girl website, Henshin, says:

“Ribbons do have a significance of their own when talking about the magical girl genre. They also evoke a sense of girlhood. When we think of ribbons many of us think of elementary-age and younger with ribbons in their hair or very feminine girls’ clothing. Since the genre deals with that age between being a girl and entering adolescence, then it’s fitting that ribbons appear in transformations that symbolize that mental and physical shift.”

Ribbons are, in a word, feminine. Not only are they feminine, they evoke images of girlhood; shiny sashes on beautiful dresses, trailing decorations that spill from hair and hats, etc. Ribbons are a sign of blossoming, of having enough confidence to want to stand out. Also, a ribbon tied into a bow resembles a flower.

Given that Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon features girls and women who embrace their femininity instead of being ashamed of it, ribbons are a very fitting symbol indeed. Additionally, the way Sailor Moon’s fuku dissolves into ribbons when she goes back to being Usagi Tsukino could represent her going back to the innocence of her normal life.

Finally, Minako’s red ribbon has a special meaning of its own. Many Asian cultures believe in the red string of fate; according to this belief, two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. This magical cord may get stretched or tangled, but it will never break. Given that Sailor Venus is the Soldier of Love and is based on the mythological Aphrodite/Venus (the Goddess of Love who often took it upon herself to play a matchmaker for couples “in need”), it makes perfect sense for the red string of fate to be visualized in her design.



Light’s dialogue in Death Note is SO much better if you imagine it as an OKCupid profile.



Momoiro Clover Z - Moon Revenge
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Moon Revenge 

Chibi Moon and her Asteroid Senshi by Marco Albiero

This is legitimately what goes through my mind every single time I watch the R movie.

Back when I first got into Sailor Moon (in late 2008, when I was 13), I remember scouring the net (with what little scouring skills I had back then, at least in comparison to now) for clips of the Senshi’s attacks so I could watch them whenever I wanted.

If you remember, in the R movie, the Senshi preform bitchin’ versions of their attacks (Moon Princess Halation, Shine Aqua Illusion, Fire Soul, Supreme Thunder, and Crescent Beam) that are powerful enough to wipe out entire legions of Fiore’s flower youma. Anyway, the clip I found of Fire Soul was unsubbed. This, combined with the amazing visuals

Made me think that the attack’s name was “Fire Storm,” which are an actual thing (and are extremely destructive and awe-inspiring). So, for quite a long time, I thought that Mars had a special attack called Fire Storm. I was quite disappointed to find out that it was just Fire Soul, haha.


Awakening: Mercury and Mars

How do you think Mami's wish is shown through her powers? Like Sayaka and her healing powers.


Oh, I actually read it in an interview! I’ll just copypasta what it says on the page.

Q: There’s a few place in the script that I’d like to touch on, first about Mami and Kyoko. How is their “wish” connected to their powers when they became magical girls?

A: In Mami’s case, her wish “to connect to life” [editor’s note: she wanted to live] gave her the power to “tie” and “combine” things together. That’s why her power comes from the ribbon. By using the ribbon as a weapon, she can use that to produce guns that are useful in a battle. In ep3, Homura is stopped in her tracks by being tied up. That is her true magical power. She has the most experience so has a lot of different magical powers beyond those of her original powers.

So, Mami’s powers are actually ribbons. In the PSP game, we learn that Mami was able to learn how to make muskets out of them by studying the mechanisms of the guns.


Her wish was to save herself, to “connect” with life. This connection manifests itself as ribbons. Because Mami’s a veteran magical girl, she’s been able to work on her magic to the point where she’s able to use attacks that she didn’t have in the first place.

Why don't you do analysis for PMMM as well? I'm very interested about the girls' outfit style and their weapons/types of magic and if they're related to their personalities at all. :)

I know, I really need to expand into my other fandoms! It’s just that I’m so invested in Sailor Moon 24/7 I don’t have any time to explore my other interests on here. It’s really a shame, I have SO MUCH to say about everything that I love.

definitely want to do some PMMM analyzations, there’s so much untapped potential there! At the very least, I remember explaining why Mami uses ribbons. I will definitely try to analyze and expand on what you brought up! PMMM is my favorite anime series behind Sailor Moon.

I think my favorite thing about SMC, other Mamo-chan being a dork, is the fact that Ami still has really lame poses. My sweet precious bb can never really pose, and I hope it stays that way.


Ami x awkward henshin posing = forever OTP


While it’s commonly believed that Canada is full of nice people, this is not true. In reality, Abby (also known by her aliases xosailormars/wheelchair-warrior) lives there, thereby throwing off the balance. 


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