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Cheat Sheets for Writing Body Language

We are always told to use body language in our writing. Sometimes, it’s easier said than written. I decided to create these cheat sheets to help you show a character’s state of mind. Obviously, a character may exhibit a number of these behaviours. For example, he may be shocked and angry, or shocked and happy. Use these combinations as needed.

by Amanda Patterson


10 years ago today, Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way went back in time to sedouce Volxemort and protect all of us from his evil plans

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do you think that queen beryl and santa claus are neighbors? what do you think they talk about at the neighborhood association meetings?

Santa: Alright, Christmas is almost here! What do you think the children of Earth want the most this year?

Beryl: Teddy bears…

Santa: Hmm, old-fashioned, but it could wor-

Beryl: That suck the energy out of anyone that hug them…

Santa: Huh, okay, not quite sure where you’re going with this-

Beryl: In order to revive our great ruler, Queen Metalia!

Santa: *sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose* Beryl. We’ve been over this. Christmas is not about reviving sun demons that committed genocide countless eons ago. If you can’t stop trying to get me to kill the children I’m supposed to be looking after, I’m going to have to ask you and your Youma to leave.

Beryl: Alright, alright, I get it. Then what about this: A fun yet educational computer game that helps children improve their spelling and math skills…

Santa: Now you’re talking!

Beryl: And brainwashes them into becoming minions of our great ruler, Queen Metalia!

Santa: Get out.

I love buying new things but i hate spending money I’m so angry

Usagivision thus far. It seems to be reserved for the pretty (and yes, Usagi counts herself among that group!)

It really bothers me when guys are bashed for liking girly or feminine shows. People on here go on and on about abolishing gender roles but then go on and shame males for liking things that are feminine. 

I know this is really shocking to hear, but a lot of the dudes who like shows like My Little Pony or PreCure aren’t trying to “take anything away” from little girls, or fetishizing and sexualizing the characters, or trying to “invade a female safe-space” in any way. They just like it, for the same exact reasons that you like it. A lot of them were/are probably bullied for liking “girly” shows and you’re just twisting the knife by denying them the opportunity to be a part of a fandom just because you don’t like the fact that they have a penis.

It also makes me really uncomfortable that, when anyone who’s not a woman likes something feminine, it’s somehow “weird” or “wrong.” It’s 2014 and yet we still uphold ridiculous, outdated gender roles without even realizing it. And it goes BOTH ways. 

If you’re a woman and want to be accepted in male-dominated fandoms/fields, then you need to be willing to extend the same courtesy to men who want to be accepted in female-dominated fandoms/fields. Don’t automatically assume that a guy is a pedophile or a creep for liking a girly show if you don’t want to be pigeonholed as a fake geek/gamer gurl/whatever for liking a manly one.

This is not a hard concept to grasp, people. 

So I'm reading the manga and I have all 3 of the first ones. I'm asking, is the series going to get better?

No, it doesn’t get better.

It gets best.

Assumption: Sailor Venus is your favorite Sailor Senshi :D


I only became really invested in Sailor Moon in 2010. For someone who liked the show for much longer than that I have to ask what exactly it's like right now living through such a massive renaissance for the show? I mean with new (Hi def) releases of the original show, a new dub of the anime and manga, an all new anime, new musicals, music videos and seemingly every corner of the internet talking about the franchise and (mostly) praising it, the series is a pretty big deal right now


What a great question! 

What is it like? It’s fantastic. It’s like heaven, like a dream that none of us ever expected to become reality. 

I think a lot of us have a little bit of a hipster in us going “I liked it before it got big again” but for the most part, I’m ecstatic about its revitalization. It’s been given a new life and the idea of young children getting to experience it like it’s brand new again just fills me with joy. But more than that… the fact that new musicals and a new anime have come out means that those of us who were wide-eyed kids the first time around get a second chance to be that now! 

For a long time, with it being static, we had to just make do with rewatching/rereading the same things over and over. Some of us (read: me) analyzing them to death, trying to pick out little things each time, to find some way to make it new again. But the more you watch it, the further away you get from that first feeling. The feeling of experiencing something fresh. You know that feeling when you start a new book series, or a new anime, and you are not far in and already going “wow! This is so amazing! I’m so glad I picked this up.”? You start to forget that by the time you get to the sixth book in the series or the 200th episode and it becomes routine.

Now we get to have that feeling again. Sure there are things that we already know, but the animation is new. The music is new. There’s all sorts of little things we can never expect ahead of time, little twists, easter eggs… And even better, these come with little references to the earlier incarnations. It’s like we get the best of both worlds: the feeling of starting something new, and the feeling of knowing every facet of a series. All in one package. It’s wonderful.

Im assuming that you never have the chance to save money because you spend it on Sailor Moon merch.


seenathan reblogged your post Long rant ahead, feel free to ignore and added:

I love how some followers pretty much say “You are BLESSED to have ME following you, and this is what I get!?” Like they’re some sort of famous celebrity that you’re obligated to cater to.

Seriously, just how big can a human’s ego get?


That’s why, whenever someone actually tells me they’re unfollowing me and expect me to be devastated, I basically just tell them to fuck off and leave already. I do the same with people who act like they’re “hanging on a thread” to my blog.

If you’re so entitled that you think that I should cater my entire blog to you and then try to coerce me into doing so by acting like I should be honored that you’ve graced me with your presence, then you should just go ahead and click that unfollow button. I will never, ever indulge a random, overly entitled stranger on the internet.

Usagi as a doctor ♥︎

Long rant ahead, feel free to ignore

Ugh, it annoys me so much when some follower I’ve never even seen pop up on my dash (or any follower, really) reblogs something that I wrote and adds something like “If it weren’t for Sailor Moon I’d totally unfollow you” or “you’re lucky I want Sailor Moon stuff on my dash” or any other bullshit like that.

What the fuck do you want me to do? Apologize? Agree, because ugh, I’m just such a fucking bitch for wanting to write about things I’m passionate about or feel strongly towards on my blog? Promise that I’ll cater my blog to meet your blogging requirements? Or are you just attention whoring?

Don’t get me wrong, I love all of my followers and I’m very thankful that you’re here, but I’ve got so many now (nearly 11,000) that a lot of you don’t actually think of me as a person, just a machine or something that spits out Sailor Moon content and funny reblogs. And as much as I love the influx of new people that Sailor Moon Crystal has given me, it’s also brought in people who don’t really know what I’m about and so get indignant when I don’t live up to their expectations.

I want to make it clear that I’m not doing this for any of you, I’m doing this for ME. I love being creative and making and writing things for Sailor Moon, and I love sharing them and having people appreciate them, but in the end I do it because it’s fun and makes me happy, not because it will get notes. And I’m really passionate about certain things and some things really piss me off, and I’m not going to be silent about them just because some people demand/expect Sailor Moon stuff from me all the time. 

If you’d rather have a blog that just posts Sailor Moon stuff all the time and nothing else, there are dozens (if not hundreds) of blogs like that, and they’re all definitely worth a look. But I’m not content with being “just” a Sailor Moon blog (not that there’s anything wrong with that), I want this blog to have me in it, too. And if you’re not okay with that, I’d honestly rather have you leave now than waiting until I do or say something that pisses you off and you feel the need to insult me.

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