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I,for one, am a strong supporter of Sailor Moon Crystal. Reblog if you feel the same!! 





Betty White, last of the jedi.

queens, all

Mimete! :D

MIMETE: Is there some opportunity you’d take even if it meant abandoning everything you currently have?

I really don’t think so. I’m not very ambitious at all and I’m very content with what I have now; I don’t think I could give up what I have for anything.

☾ PETZ:If you were still together with your first love, how different would your life be?

Well, my first love was a boy I met in first grade, so I guess my life would be different because I would have been dating the same guy for 13 years, haha.


◆ BERYL:What’s the most often-worn item in your wardrobe?

My cutoff shorts that are made out of sweatpants material, haha. I wear them around the house all the time.

impawssibly replied to your post: aimaileafy said:There is so much …

we’re just pointing out things that aren’t good in Crystal. it doesn’t make us hateful and negative

No, but do you know who is hateful and negative? The people who spam the tags with nothing but regurgitated criticism that’s already been said a million times before and act like anyone who genuinely enjoys Crystal is an idiot with horrible taste. 

I’m not saying that you’re the kind of person who does this, but some people are hateful and negative and genuinely seem to want to ruin everyone’s good time by reblogging other people’s posts and adding hate or making entire blogs dedicated to nitpicking Crystal. Those are the kinds of people who are making the fandom a negative place.

There is so much hate in this fandom - you and this tumblr are my safe place in Tumblr ;___; could you please... give me some positive Sailor Moon-Feelings, because this fandom and the SMC-Tag makes me wanna cry OTL

I’m so happy to be a safe spot for you! The fandom seems a lot more negative than usual, which is why I’m trying my best to be a positive place.

The Silver Crystal: Inter-planetary Lunar Connection?

I have this theory as to how the Moon Kingdom gained such prominence throughout the Solar System and why it was so important to protect the Moon’s royal family. It all comes back to the Silver Crystal: 

  • before the Silver Millennium, the planets-with the exception of Earth, and possibly Mars-were barely habitable; they were ruled over by beings we Earthlings (and later generations of each planets’ populace) would associate as gods, who kept themselves and their people alive through the energy planetary star crystals; however, this energy did not sustain them for long
  • then Selene (or Queen Serenity, Princess’ Serenity’s mother, depending on what theory you ascribe to-I personally think that Selene was a separate being who was the ancestress of the Moon Royal Family) appears on the scene, from Earth’s moon or somewhere else in the galaxy, Legendary Silver Crystal in hand, and brings life and stability to all the planets 

Now how is this possible? Sure, the Silver Crystal has immense power, enough to destroy whole planets and conquer the universe, etc. etc., but how could it give life to all the planets when was on a single, solitary satellite circling the Earth? This is where the Lunar Connection part comes in:

  • excluding Mercury and Venus, all the planets in our solar system have moons; the Silver Crystal’s energy was connected to the largest moons of the planets, possibly through a series of crystal prayer towers, and reflected the Silver Crystal’s light and energy upon the planets, making them prosperous, habitable places to live and allowing for thriving civilizations 
  • Mercury developed their own artificial moon using a combination of science and magic to receive the Silver Crystal’s energy and maintain their atmosphere 
  • Venus’, Earth’s ‘twin planet’, was in close enough proximity to receive the Silver Crystal’s energy without resorting to an artificial moon due to the planet’s elemental connection to light 
  • so, Selene united the planets under Lunarian rule through the Silver Crystal and thus began the Silver Millennium era (called as such because the people now lived for an average of about 1000 years under the power and protection of the Silver Crystal-the era lasted roughly 9-10 000 years) 
  • this later lead to the formation of the Inner and Outer Sailor Guardians, who swore allegiance to all the Moon Queens who came after Selene to protect the Solar System from internal and external conflicts in exchange for the protection of the Silver Crystal 

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Very interesting! Thanks for sharing! ~Silvermoon424

are there any dl links for Sailor Moon Crystal BR yet?

For the BluRay versions of the first two episodes, you mean? I don’t know!

If anyone knows where you can download the Crystal BD, can you please tell me? And before anyone gets on me for not supporting the series by buying the BD, there’s no way in hell I’m paying $35+ for two episodes.

Is Queen Serenity and Princess Serena/Usagi the same person? 'Cause I thought that they were mother and daughter but I keep seeing them mentioned as the same person? Can you explain this to me? I'm so confused.
Holy shit, I loved your blog for a very long time (even before I joined tumblr) and you reblogged something I drew, I'm going to worship that reblog till the end of time now XD Seriously though.. thank you

Don’t even sweat it! Your art is gorgeous! I’m so flattered that you think so highly of me!


what’s up with girls that feel the need to destroy the “weak fragile ego of a man” to feel empowered. how insecure do you have to be for the only way to feel confident is by ruining the confidence of others. how bitter are you if you can only feel special by hurting others.

I'm actually a gamestop employee, and you are correct! It varies greatly from store to store, my store doesn't require you to preorder but those with managers who are extremely concerned with numbers (like preorder numbers and boosting sales aggressively) will not give out the cards for free. I personally feel like it's kind of scummy to force a preorder for what is supposed to be a free giveaway, but low-level employees (like me) cant change it.

Ah, good to know! This whole situation is irritating, but it’s not the employees’ fault. But it’s kind of douchey for people to advertise these events as gifts but then demand that you buy something to get it, you know?


She didn’t need it, ffs. She didn’t ask him to protect her. In fact, she rushed off without him to PROTECT HIM. And he jumped OF HIS OWN VOLITION in front of the blast.

Please pay attention to what you’re watching before spreading dumb shit like this.


And there’s a huge difference between needing something and wanting something. Usagi doesn’t need to be protected by Mamoru, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t protect her at all. I’m so sick of seeing people think that “girl power” means never depending on men at all. 

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