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Sorry for the delay! Here is Minako. ♥

I think I’m going to go back and make some adjustments to Rei and Ami and then I will release all 4 girls as a wallpaper pack because I’ve gotten some requests for that.


Rant time? Rant time.
Guardian animals


What if the other Senshi had guardian animals of their own? Usagi has Luna, Minako has Artemis, and Chibiusa has Diana (all three of which are cats). In addition, Rei has Phobos and Deimos, two crows from the planet Coronis who, like the cats, can transform into humanoids. 

So what about the other girls? I decided to give them an animal based on symbolism and their attributes! (names may come later)

Ami Mizuno: Owl

  • Owls have a long history of being regarded as symbols of wisdom. In fact, the goddess of wisdom herself, Athena, had this bird as her signature animal. 

Makoto Kino: Dog 

  • Dogs are known as “Man’s Best Friend” and primarily known for their unparalleled loyalty. Plus, they’re very sweet and affectionate animals. Not only would Mako have a dog, she would be one if the Senshi were animals!

Setsuna Meioh: Lynx

  • Lynxes have sometimes been called the “keepers of all secrets and mysteries” and are often associated with keenness of sight, divination, and advanced awareness of the unseen. I think an animal like that is a great match for the mysterious Pluto!

Haruka Tenoh: Falcon

  • Not only are falcons extremely fast fliers (which ties into two of Haruka’s attributes, flight and speed), they’re deadly birds of prey and keen battlers. I think a falcon is a perfect animal for Haruka!

Michiru Kaioh: Tropical fish

  • I just have this image of Michiru’s fish traveling around with her via a hamster ball filled with water and it’s kind of amazing. Seriously though, I think Michiru’s guardian would be a very beautiful and vibrantly colored tropical fish. It fits in with her role as Soldier of the Sea very well!

Hotaru Tomoe: Bat

  • Not only are bats symbols of death and rebirth, as well as being called “guardians of the night,” they’re also very misunderstood and oftentimes feared creatures. 
It’s been FOREVER since I’ve written a “Senshi as…” post

For reference, I’ve already written 

Can anyone help me think of things that have a lot of symbolism attached to them, like the three mentioned above? I really love researching and writing these posts, they’re a lot of fun! But I’m in a bit of a rut. 

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Omg so at work today I was pretty witty and called watermelon that has a weak taste (you know, watermelon that is, you know, watery) “chunky water” and the lady I was ringing up laughed and told me I should be a writer. I played it cool and said “Oh, I write a lot for my blog” and she was impressed.

What I neglected to mention is that I write a lot about Mamoru Chiba being Dork King of the World, analyze the shit out of every tiny aspect of Sailor Moon (anything from hair colors to magical items to what flowers, animals, and gems represent the Senshi best), and about how people on the internet piss me right the fuck off.


Senshi animals


I’ve assigned each girl a gemstone and a flower based on symbolism, and now I’m going to tackle animals! Animals have long been associated with certain traits and attributes, and, using these, I’m going to determine which animal best suits each girl.

Usagi Tsukino~ Dove


Doves are gentle birds that have long been associated with peace, love, gentleness, innocence, tenderness, and hope. Doves are also very important animals within Christian theology, appearing in several key passages in the Bible as well as being the physical sign of the Holy Spirit. I thought this was the perfect animal for Usagi, a solider who is associated with love and peace above all else.

Ami Mizuno~ Fox


These canines have long been renowned for their slyness. Foxes are said to represent intelligence, cleverness, wisdom, adaptability, swiftness, and diplomacy. Although “cunning” is a word that probably doesn’t represent Ami very well (as it carries connotations of deceitfulness), there’s no denying that she is extremely intelligent and uses her brain power to her advantage. 

Rei Hino~ Tiger


These majestic animals are as admired as they are feared. Tigers are said to represent power, energy, willpower in the face of adversary, pride, protection, devotion, and passion. They are regal animals that have long been associated with the might of royalty. I feel as though the tiger represents Rei perfectly in almost every way. In the beginning (especially in the manga), Rei was held in awe by her peers, but many were afraid to actually approach her. She was both revered and feared for her beauty and unnatural powers. In addition, Rei is a very passionate girl and is very powerful. 

Makoto Kino~ Dog


Dogs, aka Man’s Best Friend, have been intertwined with humans since the dawn of humanity itself. We have lived alongside them for thousands and thousands of years simply because the relationship between dogs and humans is so mutually beneficial. Above all else, dogs have long been renowned for their outstanding loyalty. They also represent protection, guidance, service, faithfulness, and trust.

Mako is arguably the Senshi who is the most devoted to the Princess, even having the title “Soldier of Protection.” Mako is so loyal because, after the death of her parents, she was left alone for a very long time before meeting the other Senshi. Much like dogs embrace their owners as members of the pack, Mako has adopted Usagi and the others as members of her family. Mako will fight to the death to defend her makeshift family, showing only the deepest loyalty.

Minako Aino~Otter


Otters are very lovable and energetic creatures. They are associated with playfulness, joy, laughter, curiosity, lightheartedness, zeal, and youthful energy. Can there be a better animal for our happy-go-lucky Minako?

Chibiusa~ Unicorn


Although these creatures aren’t real, I thought they still represented Chibiusa very well! Unicorns symbolize youth, innocence, purity, dreams, childhood, healing, chastity, virtue, magic, and naiveté. I thought unicorns were especially fitting considering Chibiusa’s relationship with Pegasus. In addition, Chibiusa is still an innocent child, full of dreams and pure of heart.

Setsuna Meioh~ Crow


Crows have long been associated with the otherworldly. They represent the underworld, magic, watchfulness, death, wisdom, mystery, the unknown, and are considered an omen. Also, they are said to be “the guardians of the Place Before Existence.” Sailor Pluto is the Guardian of the Underworld and is a very mysterious soldier. Of all the Senshi, she seems the most otherworldly; she’s really not even human. She’s also very wise, having lived through most of history.

Haruka Tenoh~ Cheetah


Cheetahs are, above all, associated with speed. They are the fastest mammals on Earth, able to run at speeds over 70 mph. In addition, cheetahs represent swiftness, focus, insight, the pursuit of goals, self-esteem, keenness, and the ability to go after one’s pursuits. All of these fit Haruka very well, no?

Michiru Kaioh~ Swan


These beautiful birds are said to symbolize tranquility, elegance, grace, beauty, balance, nurturing, sincerity, and self-transformation. Michiru is perhaps the most elegant of the Senshi and arguably the most beautiful. Much like the swan, she leaves many in awe of her grace and beauty.

Hotaru Tomoe~ Butterfly


Butterflies are very beautiful insects that have long fascinated human beings. They represent metamorphosis, rebirth, and resurrection. In many cultures, they represent the soul. I feel like butterflies represent Hotaru perfectly on so many levels. Butterflies are originally caterpillars, wormlike creatures who can only eat and slowly crawl along. But, after cocooning themselves, they emerge as beautiful, light creatures who are free to roam the skies. In a way, they’ve been reborn.

Hotaru is much the same way. Originally a lonely and weak girl growing up in a gloomy and neglectful household, she is reborn and given a second chance at life with loving mothers, a beautiful home, and, above all, acceptance. When you look at it this way, Hotaru is a butterfly in every sense of the word.

Sailor Moon characters in the language of flowers


For fun, I looked up the language of flowers (what notions, ideas, feelings, etc. flowers symbolize) and decided to make a list of which flower I believe corresponds the best to the Senshi! These are all just my own interpretations; anyone else can add on with their own!

Usagi Tsukino: Orange blossom (Eternal love, innocence, loveliness )


Usagi’s most defining characteristic is her love. Love for her family, love for her friends, love for the entire universe. The notion of Sailor Moon herself being eternal is explored in the series (“Eternal” Sailor Moon, Mamoru’s comments at their wedding, Sailor Cosmos, etc). In addition, Usagi retains her innocence throughout the entire series; she never succumbs to despair or loses her morality.

Ami Mizuno: Iris (Wisdom and eloquence)


Like Usagi, Ami can be characterized by her wisdom and intelligence. It’s pretty self-explanatory!

Rei Hino: Azalea (Passion, temperance, womanhood)


Rei is passion personified. Everything she does, she does with a burning passion and intense enthusiasm and. She always fully devotes herself to any cause she is apart of. It’s no wonder why she’s called the Soldier of Passion! However (especially in the manga), she always carries the air of a true lady.

Makoto Kino: Yellow rose (Friendship and platonic love)


While some people may argue that friendship is more Usagi’s thing, I respectfully disagree. I think Mako shows an amazing aptitude for friendship and loyalty throughout the series. Because she’s an orphan who has had few friends, the ones she has are like family to her and she’ll protect and stand by them to the death. The warm feelings that are associated with the yellow rose are very similar to those same feelings shared with a true friend.

Minako Aino: Chrysanthemum (Optimism, joy, cheerfulness, a wonderful friend) 


NOTE: I am using the Western symbolism of chrysanthemums here. In Asia, they represent death and are usually only seen at funerals. However, I don’t think that fits such a vibrant flower so I went with the Western interpretation! :P

Minako is very bubbly and optimistic. We rarely see her wallow in the past or feel depressed. She’s constantly on the move, always on the lookout for her latest conquest or adventure. 

Chibiusa: Light pink rose (Joy of life, youth, energy)


I feel like this flower fits Chibiusa’s personality very well! She’s still quite young and inexperienced, but displays an infectious love of life and boundless energy, just like her mother. 

Setsuna Meioh: Heliotrope (Devotion)


In everything she does, Setsuna shows extreme devotion. She was fully dedicated to her role as the guardian of the Space-Time Door, never leaving her post and following the rules for countless years. In addition, she is shown to be extremely dedicated to her role as a Senshi and protector of Princess Serenity, as well as a confidante and protecter to Chibiusa. 

Haruka Tenoh: Sweet William (Gallantry, finesse, masculinity, perfection)


I feel like this flower fits Haruka perfectly! To me, Haruka conjures up images of a fairytale prince; dashing, gallant, and perfect. She is also the most masculine of the Senshi, even more so than Mako. 

Michiru Kaioh: Dahlia (Elegance and dignity)


Elegant. That’s the one word people most often use to describe Michiru. She seems to be elegance incarnate! Presumably coming from high class society, Michiru does everything with abundant grace and elegance, often leaving others in awe. Of course, she’s very dignified and noble as well. 

Hotaru Tomoe: Daffodil (Rebirth and new beginnings)


Flowers themselves are symbols of death and rebirth. Every year, they wilt away in the cold months only to return more beautiful than ever as soon as spring arrives. Daffodils in particular are associated with this cycle as well as the promise of new beginnings.  I chose this flower with its strong association with rebirth instead of a flower symbolizing death because I feel that, in the end, Hotaru truly represents rebirth. Destruction in its purest form is rebirth, as it clears the way for a new beginning. This is the kind of destruction Hotaru wields; in addition, Hotaru herself is given a fresh start within the series, after her rebirth and subsequent life with the other Outer Senshi.






The Professors

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So, I'm currently rediscovering sailor moon and I would like something explained to me (I don't mind spoilers because I know bits and pieces of stuff). Does Mamoru know he's tuxedo mask, and therefore know that Usagi is sailor moon? Because he knows she is but he's really good at ignoring that when she's just Usagi. I'm just confused haha

It’s really fuzzy, tbh. Mamoru and Usagi’s knowledge of each other’s secret identities changes with every incarnation of Sailor Moon. In the original anime, it took them actually transforming (or whatever Mamoru does, haha) in front of each other for them to realize. However, in the manga, they slowly learn and suspect each other’s identities until they finally share them with each other about halfway through the first arc, when Usagi visits Mamoru’s apartment for the first time. PGSM was REALLY weird about it, like Mamoru actually witnessed Usagi transforming in front of him near the beginning of the series and still never thought about it until later.

Crystal seems to be a mix of the 90s anime and the manga; there are hints dropped that they suspect who the other is (mostly on Mamoru’s part so far) but we’ll have to wait and see where they’ll go with it!


Man, Pluto is gonna KICK MY ASS for breaking as many taboos as I am, haha.

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Anonymous said:

Can you pleaseread your favorite pokemon’s pokedex entry in a professor Oak voice?


Instead of doing my favorite Pokemon’s entry, I did one of my favorite Pokedex entries in general.  Pokemon are terrifying.



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Okay, I'm scare I may have gone crazy. I swear that somewhere I saw some scans of an article on SMC that had the infamous picture of the Shitennou/Senshi in it. Have I gone insane? (Sorry to bug you with this but I only read two SM tumblrs and I swear I saw it on one and I'm desperate to know I'm not insane.) Thanks in advance if you can help me; if you can't, I appreciate you taking the time to read this ask. <3

I haven’t seen it, either! Has anyone else?

What colour do you think Haruka's hair will be in Crystal when we get there? The other Senshi have clearly defined hair colours in the manga, but Haruka's can be silver, platinum blonde, dark blonde, white, bluey white or anything in between

I hope it’s platinum blonde (it goes really well with her wind element), but I wouldn’t mind dark blonde, either!

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