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The months that have five Saturdays in them during Sailor Moon Crystal run:





So expect a three week wait between Crystal episodes during those months. 

your ginzuishou is gorgeous! where did you get it? :o
Did Mamoru ever actually get his pre-car crash memories back? Obviously he got the Endymion ones, but wasn't finding the silver crystal supposed to bring them all back? And on that note, what did he expect to do with it? Eat it?


PANEL ONE: Tux holding the ginzuishou, studying it. “The ginzuishou. With it, my memories … But how?”

PANEL TWO: Tux continuing to hold the ginzuishou. Turning it to see it from another angle.

PANEL THREE: Tux looks at it from the other side. His intense expression has not changed.

PANEL FOUR: He delicately bites into it.

Yeah so ANYWAY, Mamoru and the ginzuishou. Here’s what we get the first time we see his dream and immediately after.

Mamoru is assuming that restoration of his memory is what will happen. My guess is it’s just a gut feeling he has, and he’s interpreting it to mean his memories in this lifetime. (He’d have no reason to think anything else.)

It could well be that later his dream explicitly promises his memories will be restored. I wasn’t doing my in-depth liveblogs yet, so a lot of the details are fuzzy for me. What’s great, though is that even if his dreams do say this, they aren’t WRONG. His memories are indeed restored, just not the ones he expects.

They never say if Mamoru remembers his direct past or not. For myself, I don’t think he does. I don’t think it plagues at him anymore though. Bothers him from time to time, sure, but he’s mostly made peace with not remembering, and chooses to focus on his future instead of the past.

I agree! And honestly, I think the reason why he had amnesia in the first place is because destiny/the Ginzuishou/whatever needed to actively search out Usagi/Serenity. His search for the Ginzuishou, which he was told would restore his lost memories, is what led him to her. After they were reunited and regained their memories of their past lives, Mamoru still didn’t regain the memories of the life he lived with his parents before the accident; in the long run, those memories weren’t vital in the long run.

I think he’s made peace with the fact he’ll never remember his childhood or where he came from, but does his best to rectify this by eventually doing his best to give Chibiusa the best childhood anyone could hope for.


Can I just say that Rei’s top is actually amazing.

I was really poorly yesterday so I made myself feel better with a screencap redraw. Finished it off this morning as a bit of a warm-up. Not entirely happy with it, but it served a purpose!

Screen cap from the lovely Sailor Moon Screencaps, as always.

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When people reblog my Crystal stuff just to bitch about how much they hate it

Like, why are you even bothering in the first place?

Sailor Moon Crystal

PMMM analyzation: Mami Tomoe


So, as per request, I’m going to start analyzing the main Puella Magi from PMMM! Each post will cover a particular girl’s costume, powers, wish, and other information. To start things off, I’m going with my favorite Puella Magi of all, Mami Tomoe.


Ume Aoki, the mangaka hired to create the original character designs. She included notes on why she chose to include certain elements and designs. She says this for Mami:

  • Design Check: “Her twisty, curly hair and floral hairpin make her seem like a big sister. Also, I gave her pretty big boobs” (my note: lovingly known to the fandom as Mami’s mammies).
  • Magical girl outfit: “Mami’s design was definitely centered around her image as a gunner. The second thing that stands out are her breasts.”
  • "Her bustier and boots give her a Western flavor which her cap accentuates."

Mami also has ojou ringlets and seems to have many cute accessories, including her dark tights, floral hairpins, and ribbon shoes. All of these contribute to Mami’s femininity and image as a cool, caring big sister figure.  

As Ume Aoki noted, Mami’s magical girl costume has a very Western, mature flair, conjuring up images of gunslingers and cowboys from the Wild West; her boots even resemble the ones that were often worn by cowboys and the like. However, her outfit is still distinctly feminine; the leather corset she wears greatly accentuates her breasts, her Soul Gem is prominently displayed as a flower right next to her feathery cap, and ribbons and lace are abundant on her uniform. 

As for Mami’s wish, it’s never been directly stated, meaning that we never saw Mami making an actual contract and wording her wish like the other girls did (although, in the manga adaptation, her words were apparently “save me”). However, we do know that Mami’s wish was, in effect, to save herself from death; when she was 13 years old (as revealed by her route in the PSP game), she and her parents went out for a drive.


Unfortunately, Mami and her parents were involved in a horrific car accident that killed her mom and dad and fatally wounded Mami herself. As she lay dying, Kyubey approached her and offered to save her life by forming a contract with her. Left with no other choice but to die, Mami wished to save herself and spent the next two years fighting against witches as a Puella Magi.

Each magical girl’s powers tie into her wish. For example, Sayaka, who wished to heal Kyousuke’s hand, was given extraordinary healing powers (that extend both to herself and to others). However, Mami’s powers and how they tie into her wish aren’t as apparent as the other girls’; after all, she wished to save her life but uses ribbons and guns. However, an interview from Megami Magazine in July of 2011 gave us an answer.  

Q: There’s a few place in the script that I’d like to touch on, first about Mami and Kyoko. How is their “wish” connected to their powers when they became magical girls?

A: In Mami’s case, her wish “to connect to life” [editor’s note: she wanted to live] gave her the power to “tie” and “combine” things together. That’s why her power comes from the ribbon. By using the ribbon as a weapon, she can use that to produce guns that are useful in a battle. In ep3, Homura is stopped in her tracks by being tied up. That is her true magical power. She has the most experience so has a lot of different magical powers beyond those of her original powers.

Her wish was to save herself, to “connect” with life. This connection manifests itself as ribbons. Because Mami’s a veteran magical girl, she’s been able to work on her magic to the point where she’s able to use attacks that she didn’t have in the first place. In the PSP game, we learn that Mami was able to learn how to make muskets out of them by studying the mechanisms of the guns. 

(screencaps from this video)


That concludes the first Puella Magi analyzation!



I love it so much. These pictures don’t even capture a tenth of its beauty ;__;

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