Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss!
The number 1 reason I follow you because I love how you discuss Sailor Moon's connection with myth. Myth and symbolism are huge interests of mine. Even when the information is not new to me, you present it so well that it feels new. I love your other posts too, those are usually just my favourites :). I also like that you show the courage to be yourself & speak your mind, thereby demonstrating the spirit & values of Sailor Moon. That is just as important as the information & pretty pictures. :)

THANK YOU!!! And I’m so happy you like my mythology posts! I definitely want to start doing those again!

  1. ugly-ducking said: you did mythology posts?! (i’m WAY too lazy to look through your archive to find them…i’ll get energy soon haha!) but, please start them up again…i too love mythology and symbolism ^__^
  2. silvermoon424 posted this
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