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OMG KATY I love Lent! The first thing I gave up was ever was Sprite! And then I gradually got to sweets. Now whenever Lent comes I don’t eat sweets for a LONG TIME. I don’t know why I get so dedicated. XD


For the longest time I would give up fast food but then I would eat it during Lent like 10 times. In high school, after one of my theology teachers was talking to us about Lent, he said that we could do things MORE instead of doing them LESS. I’ve been REALLY slacking with my workout regime so I decided to honor the body God gave me by making it stronger and healthier.

  1. faerielandsforlorn said: that’s what I am doing for Lent too!
  2. thewhitemoonfamily said: I think that’s awesome as well! A girl I knew in high school would give up Facebook AND volunteer during Lent and the summer! I was like DANG GIRL.
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