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I'm really pleased by the post you just reblogged about positive body image. I've been mocked and insulted on this website just because of my weight and history of EDs. There's even a blog called 'Thin Privilege,' serving solely to focus on the "privileges" thin people enjoy. It's all absolute bullshit. The only weight anyone should strive to be is the HEALTHY one, and that differs for each individual. You're so right: excluding thin people from body positivity nullifies the whole movement.


They made a post about how Les Miserables has “thin privilege” because it doesn’t feature any overweight people… becAUSE IT’S SET DURING THE FRENCH REVOLUTION AND MOST OF THE MAIN CHARACTERS ARE STARVING

They also provide baseless and potentially dangeroushealth advice" to people and post offensive drivel

The whole “you can be healthy at any size!” is also bullshit because if you’re an adult and you weigh 60 lbs or 600 lbs you’re probably going to die.

ANYWAY, I’m so glad you were pleased! I wish the body positivity movement on here focused more on thin people as well (once again, I am slightly overweight so it’s not like I’m biased towards thin people). I know a lot of thin people are just as hurt by body bias as overweight people are. 

  1. softlycanthropy said: I had NO idea about the medical advice, holy shit. Like I already knew they were idiots because half of my family are doctors, nurses, and medical professionals but for god’s sake??? I’m having trouble believing this is even real.
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