Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss!
Hey, everyone, just checking in!

The project is going pretty well! I finished writing the paper that I have to turn in with it (worth 100 points- eek!!!) so now I’m taking a break. Fortunately I think this is going to be much easier than I thought so I can relax about it, especially considering I have all day tomorrow to work on it as well.

Anyway, I was thinking that I should work for a few more hours and then reward myself with a some time on here tonight (but only tonight, don’t want to get distracted tomorrow!). It’s only been a day but I already miss you all so much! I get lonely sometimes. ;_;

But anyway, I hope you all are well!

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  2. thewhitemoonfamily said: KATY DON’T YOU GRADUATE THIS YEAR? OMG
  3. hardlinerocks said: *cheer cheer* Yeah! You can do it, Katy! Kick the crap out of that project! Like a Super Saiyan 4! *cheer cheer*
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