Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss!
Fiona from Adventure Time was a total reference to Sailor Moon

Her hat was in the shape of bunny ears. Usagi means “Bunny On the Moon”

Also, did anyone notice how similar her dress was to Princess Serenity’s?

At some point, Ice King said he wanted to “Take Fionna to the furthest corners of the moon” and Usagi is from the moon kingdom, and is again, the bunny of the moon

Both of their sidekicks are talking cats

Do y’all catch my drift? And don’t forget: Adventure Time plays on Cartoon Network. Sailor Moon played on there too. With this whole worldwide series reboot, I think it’s sorta suspicious that the channel that Sailor Moon used to play on is making so many references to it, especially on a highly awaited episode that everyone was dying to see of one of their most popular shows

I already posted this on my tumblr, but I figured you would find this interesting

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Yes! I’ve heard about it and it’s fascinating! However, the picture links are not working…

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