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Help me pick a Sailor Moon thesis!

I have to write a 6-10 page argumentative thesis paper that’s connected to mass media and I want to make it Sailor Moon-related. I need a minimum of 10 sources (for now) and I actually have to make an argument. So here are my ideas:

  • "Despite how some may say that Sailor Moon is just a run of the mill cartoon, it has significantly impacted our culture and continues to do so even 20 years after it first aired."
  • "Even though some argue that Sailor Moon has a negative impact on the young girls who watch it, there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary."

It has to be a specific statement like that with a clear argument. Of the two I have, I’m favoring the second one.

So can anyone give me more ideas? And I’d really appreciate some links to sources! Of course, if I do end up writing this thesis, I’ll be sure to post it on here!

All of my necklace sets <3

These can all be purchased at a very low cost on eBay! Just search for “sailor moon necklace” plus the number of pendants you see in a particular set above to see all of the options. 

So I bought myself yet another necklace set; I can’t resist these things! I have to say, I think this one may be my favorite!

It can be bought on eBay for only $17.99!


Seriously, Chibiusa royally fucked up Pluto’s job. Even though her actions were totally justified, she still violated the taboos of time, which Pluto’s entire purpose is to enforce. Pluto has every right to punish her. But that doesn’t even cross her mind. When she sees Chibiusa, her Small Lady, alive and well again after all of the chaos, all she can do is drop to her knees and hug her in relief. All she can say is “Please don’t ever scare me like that again.” 

We should all be so lucky to have a friend like Pluto!

I colored Usagi/Sailor Moon, from my furoku set <3 I’ve got the rest colored too, I’ll post them over the next few days! I’ve already posted Mars and Venus.

Viz’s logos for Sailor Moon

Marco Albiero’s old art style compared to his new one. The reason why the characters in the newer picture (may) look a bit out of place with one another is because the picture wasn’t actually drawn all at once; rather, he posted individual shots of each character (as seen on his Facebook) and finally put all of them together to do a comparison with the older picture.

Guardian Cosmos by Marco Albiero

Guardian Cosmos by Marco Albiero

Sailor Venus: The Leader

Although this often comes as a surprise to people who haven’t read the manga, Sailor Venus is technically the leader of the Inner Senshi, not Sailor Moon. And Sailor Mars is her second-in-command (a concept that’s heavily expanded on in PGSM and, to a lesser extent, the anime). Venus’ leadership is mentioned numerous times in the manga:




Basically, Venus is the true leader because Sailor Moon was never really supposed to exist in the first place. She’s the Princess, yes, but Princesses are meant to be protected; warrior princesses were/are a fairly radical concept because, for the most part, royalty is sheltered and kept out of harm’s way. Princess Serenity was not a warrior in past, nor was she ever meant to be a warrior in the present or the future. In the manga, Luna admits that she had only trained Usagi as a Sailor Soldier in order to protect and hide her from the enemy.


Anyway, during the Silver Millennium, before Sailor Moon existed, Venus lead the Guardian Senshi in the effort to protect Princess Serenity. In the few flashbacks we see to the Silver Millennium, Venus was almost always at Princess Serenity’s side, protecting her and instructing the other Senshi on what to do.

After they were reborn, Minako was the first to awaken; after all, as the leader, it’s her responsibility to take care of the others and have the experience necessary to deal with any threat. Because of this, she awoke a full year before the rest of the Inners (at age 13) and trained as Sailor V. After she had enough experience, she regained her memories of her past life and became Sailor Venus; soon after, she and Artemis began to watch over the other girls.

Meanwhile, the reborn Princess, Usagi Tsukino, became Sailor Moon assumed the leadership role. Later on, Venus herself (as the most experienced Senshi) continues to act as a leader by forming strategies and taking charge whenever Sailor Moon is missing, incapacitated, or otherwise incapable of being the leader herself. This is especially evident in the first and second arcs, where Sailor Moon was still very inexperienced. As time went on, Sailor Moon matured and became a much more capable leader, although she still relies on Venus occasionally. 

A huge symbol of Venus’ leadership is the Holy Sword. She wielded it during the Silver Millennium, using it to protect the Princess; she even killed Beryl with it.


Countless years later, when the Senshi visit the ruins of the Moon, they come across the Holy Sword, stuck inside a pedestal. Mercury and Mars try to pull it out but fail; even Jupiter’s Herculean strength doesn’t make it budge.


However, when Venus tries, the sword is freed with no resistance whatsoever.


This directly mirrors the myth of King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone; After the King of England died, his advisor, Merlin the sorcerer, enchanted his sword and placed it in a stone, announcing that only the King’s true heir would be able to remove it. Many tried to remove the stone, but they all failed. It was only when Arthur, the King’s illegitimate son, took hold of the sword did it finally remove itself from the stone, signifying that he was the rightful heir to the throne. Likewise, the Holy Sword is only freed when Venus, the true leader of the Senshi, tries to remove it.

I finally caved and bought the Girls’ Memories figure of Sailor Moon. She’s amazing! They’re making one of each of the Inner Senshi, too; they’ll be in their transformation poses.

Remember how people said that Crystal would suck forever? Yeah, this is my reaction to those people in light to the newly released DVD/BD animation

I got Uranus’ Lip Rod because it was selling at a discounted price on eBay, but you can buy the rest of them on Etsy! I’m definitely getting Neptune’s when I have some extra spending money!

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