Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss!

Sorry for the crappy quality, but these are some screencaps I grabbed of Venus from the various Sailor Moon video games. It’s a shame that these clips are so hard to find and, when you can actually track them, they’re very poor quality. The animation is gorgeous!


Fanart by Emily-Fay.

My piece for the Sailormoon tribute show, Magical Girl Heroines at QPop in Little Tokyo on April 5th. If you are in the Los Angeles area, come check it out!


My piece for the Sailormoon tribute show, Magical Girl Heroines at QPop in Little Tokyo on April 5th. If you are in the Los Angeles area, come check it out!

Minako the Goddess

Something that’s very interesting about Minako/Sailor Venus is that, not only is she the character with the most mythological references to her namesake, she is the only character in the series to be called a goddess or anything divine.







There’s also this fantastic panel, which states that the Silver Millennium version of Sailor Venus had the same origin as the mythical Aphrodite. 


In Classical Mythology, Aphrodite/Venus was born when Uranus, the personification of the sky, was castrated by his son Cronus (aka Saturn). When his severed genitals dropped into the ocean, the foam from them gave birth to Aphrodite (hence her name, which means “foam-arisen”) while the Erinyes (or the Furies) were born from the blood that was spilled. Eventually, Aphrodite emerged from the foam of the sea, fully grown and floating on a scallop shell. 

While our Venus’s origin story presumably didn’t involve castration (hopefully, although knowing Minako…), her marine origin remains intact. In addition, a drop of the foam she was born from crystalized and turned into a gem, which was then revered as a Venusian treasure. 

So I have to wonder, which came first in the SM universe: The myths or the Senshi? I think that, during the Silver Millennium, the Senshi (as well as the other immortal inhabitants of the Silver Millennium) inspired Classical Mythology, and over time the myths began to take their own shape and deviate from the source material (especially after the fall of the Silver Millennium).

I love all of the matching shots in episode 172! I wish they had done this sort of thing more often.



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Usagi and Minako :)

Perfect comparison to how Usagi and Minako reacted to being superheroes.


On today’s episode of Dare to Compare! The Differences Between Sailor Moon Incarnations!, we focus on Sailor V! Since I’ve been doing a lot of PGSM lately, I decided to make this one about the manga and anime.

Sailor V was actually created as a character long before Sailor Moon, and was the star of her very own manga, Codename: Sailor V. It started as a oneshot but then expanded, and then in order to make it into something suitable for an anime, the cast was expanded and Sailor Moon was born! In the manga, Minako encounters Artemis much like Usagi encounters Luna at the start of Sailor Moon. He then reveals to her her destiny to fight against evildoers. She goes on all sorts of adventures, fighting various members of the Dark Agency (which is later revealed to be a sub-sect of the Dark Kingdom) all on her own. All this time, Minako fights without having any memories of the past life, much like the rest of the girls when they first become Senshi. However, by the time she fully awakens as Sailor Venus at the end of the manga, she has regained her memories. She then resolves to find her companions so she no longer has to fight alone. 

In the anime, Minako’s experience as Sailor V is not very thoroughly explored. Aside from the mentions of the Sailor V video games, there is only one episode that delves into her past. Here, Minako is seen having travelled to London due to some kind of spike in youma activity there. While there, she befriends a police officer named Katarina who becomes like a big sister to her. She also falls in love with a man named Allan, however she soon discovers that Allan and Katarina have fallen in love with each other, and decides that it would be best if she were not in their life. When Katarina believes that Minako did not make it out of an explosion, Minako decides not to let her know the truth, and then returns to Japan. 

There is a similar character to that of Katarina who appears in the manga named Natsuna Sakurada. Natsuna was the superintendent general at the Police Board and a big fan of Sailor V. She later, like Katarina, discovers Sailor V’s true identity and becomes a big sister sort of figure to Minako.  

In both versions, Minako is seen to have grown a little more mature than the other girls in a number of ways. She becomes more strategic and seems to be able to better understand the enemy’s plans. In both she is also seen to experience heartbreak and isolation as a result of her mission, which leads to her friendship with the rest of the girls becoming that much more meaningful.


Holy shit Pluto are you SERIOUS with that face??


When did you last hear you were someone’s friend?

NEVER, that’s what I think. Approximately NEVER.

In her life Pluto may have heard she was a beloved companion, a trusted advisor, a respected warrior, a stoic defender, a lonely guardian.

She has been Puu to one very young child, and Mama to another.

With Michiru and Haruka, she has found camaraderie and understanding. Even with my Michiru and Setsuna BFF dreams dancing in my eyes, you know Michiru would never say it, not directly. It would be implied, and that would be enough.

A few moments ago, Pluto was a solitary warrior, fated again and again to fight alone and die alone. By coming back, Venus, the leader, denied that. You don’t fight alone, not any more.

And that was nice.

Now Minako, the girl, risked everything and refused to let go. You don’t LIVE alone, not any more.

That’s even better.

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