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I’m… Sailor Mars?

I’m… Sailor Mars?

Rei Hino will be the death of me. These scenes with her will just NOT STOP COMING.

So, Ami suggests that Rei try out the Sailor V game, but Rei is a bit apprehensive because she’s never played a video game before. Ami coaches Rei through the game, allowing her to beat it. Overcome with excitement, Rei high-fives Ami.

However, she then gets self-conscious. Remember, this is a girl who has spent the majority of her life with no one to depend on or spend time with except for her grandfather and Phobos and Deimos, her two crows. So of course she’s self-conscious about one of her first outings with her new friends. Of course she’s probably worrying about what to do and say in this completely alien situation; who wouldn’t be? 

But once she goes with her feelings, she finds that everything will be alright. Being with Usagi and Ami is just so easy, she doesn’t have to worry about keeping up the front of an aloof and mysterious lady. She can do and say whatever she wants and these girls will still stand by her.

That “thanks, Ami-chan!” probably has to do with a lot more than just beating the game.




What really makes this entire scene is just how happy Rei is. Every single word is filled with amazement and excitement. She’s amazed and excited about Ami, the kind genius and one of her first real friends. She’s amazed and excited about being in an arcade, about all of the great games she thought she’d never play because she had no one to play with.

And then OH MY GOODNESS YOU GUYS, LOOK AT THE WAY SHE REACTS TO USAGI’S DETENTION. There’s no “Sheesh, what an idiot!” or “She’s so irresponsible!” (of course, I’ll always miss hearing those words, but I digress), there’s just a tired smile and an affectionate “That’s so her!”

So what I’m saying is that I REALLY REALLY REALLY like Crystal!Rei.

Inner Senshi by qMargot

Sailor Mars Transformation: Sailor Moon - Sailor Moon Crystal.


Sailor Moon Crystal Ep.03 Rei- Sailor Mars


Sailor Moon Crystal Ep.03 Rei- Sailor Mars


Second title card done! Here’s Hino Rei.

EDIT: My monitor was so off I didn’t realize how spotty that background was on the 2nd and third version, so I fixed it. D:

Next card is already in the works!

Awakening: Mercury and Mars

Actual runway queen Rei Hino.


Hi! I just wanted to write you to ask what you thought of episode 3? I thought it was FANTASTIC (I cannot express my love for this episode without typing in all caps). I loved Rei's characterization! Crystal!Rei is so lovely. To be completely honest, I didn't really like Rei in the first season of the original "Sailor Moon" anime, nor in the first volume of the manga (which is all of the manga I've read so far). I always thought she was unnecessarily "mean" and teasing. (pt 1 of 2)
But Crystal!Rei was very sympathetic, and kind, and I loved her. The ending was beautiful, too. My favorite aspect of “Sailor Moon,” hands down, is the friendships, and seeing Rei smile after Usagi (or Ami? I can’t remember atm) said “We’ve been waiting for you!” (something like that, I believe; I can’t remember atm) and Rei smiled. The chant in the beginning with Queen Beryl, Jadeite, Nephrite, and Zoisite was beautiful, too. All in all, a great episode. My favorite of “Crystal” so far.

I am totally with you about Rei’s new personality! I think Crystal did a fantastic job portraying who Rei is. She’s clearly very guarded and aloof, not wanting to give people the chance to hurt her but is secretly desperate for friendship and support. She seems so isolated, so far removed from everyone around her because they’re afraid of/don’t understand her powers. Things get even worse when Rei and her shrine become the prime suspects of the bus kidnappings, and she quietly takes on the burden of investigating the disappearances in order to rescue the missing people and clear her shrine’s name.

But despite all of that, it’s equally clear that Rei is a very kind and good-hearted person. She’s friends with Mii, the little girl who plays at her shrine, and seems to take on a big sister role for her. Rei’s also genuinely remorseful about attacking Usagi when she thought the girl was a demon, and tried to make it up to her by being cordial and open with her. Her various scenes with Usagi throughout the episode are very sweet, and she seems to genuinely appreciate Usagi’s company; unfortunately, she feels as if her powers are a curse, and so warns Usagi to not get involved with her for her own good. Finally, when she sees a vision of Jadeite attacking Usagi, she immediately rushes to go save her. 

I think a lot of it comes from her expressions, too; even though she tries to keep up a calm and collected front, her emotions seep into her countenance at times and we see just how lonely she is, along with just how much she appreciates Usagi and Ami. 

And I completely agree about the closing scene, it was wonderful! 

This is hugely different than the ending of Rei’s debut episode in the first anime, where she bickered with Usagi before sticking her tongue out at her, which prompts a “Rei-chan, you’re mean!” from Usagi. But Original!Rei isn’t a brat. She’s still heavily guarded and not quite ready to trust her new companions. She still wants to keep her wall up, just in case.

But this Rei is more than happy to allow the wall to crumble. She’s not afraid of showing her feelings anymore; when Usagi and Ami said something that made her happy, she blushed and smiled. This Rei is overjoyed at not being alone anymore, at finally having friends and people she can depend on. I especially love how the final scene of the girls is them walking away together, already a unified team.

I can’t wait to see what Crystal has in store!

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