Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss!

I bought yet another furoku (Nakayoshi promotional goodies) set, this time a notebook. It was filled with these doodles (along with others, which I’ll post later), which where never reprinted anywhere else (to my knowledge). I’ve never seen these posted online before so I figured I’d share them with the world!

They’re watermarked because the furoku set was bought, scanned, and edited by me. Please let me know if you want the original scans to edit! You can also see more of my exclusive furoku scans here.

Headcanon: Rei’s necklace

In the manga, Rei is often shown wearing a necklace. In fact, during the earlier arcs, she’s never seen without it.




The Materials Collection even makes special mention of it.


It also mentions that, after transforming into Sailor Mars, the pendant moves to her waist and becomes a tool that helps her generate fire.


To me, this seems to imply that Rei’s pendant has a special significance to her. So I did a little digging through the manga, and lo and behold:


That’s right; Rei’s deceased mother, Risa (name revealed through PGSM, btw), owned the exact same necklace! See?


So my idea is that, before she died, Risa passed her necklace onto Rei and Rei’s treasured it ever since. She treasures it so much that it actually becomes a part of her fuku and helps her with her powers; in a way, it’s almost like Risa herself is supporting and helping her daughter even though she died years ago.


Can I just say that Rei’s top is actually amazing.

I was really poorly yesterday so I made myself feel better with a screencap redraw. Finished it off this morning as a bit of a warm-up. Not entirely happy with it, but it served a purpose!

Screen cap from the lovely Sailor Moon Screencaps, as always.

Sailor Moon Crystal

"Usagi-chan is a girl who gave all of us something incomparable…"

"You don’t get it at all… If we had not met Usagi, we would all be alone right now!"

"She’s someone who is very important to us…"

"Please don’t take her away from us…"

Some of my favorite shots of Rei Hino thus far :3


Back when I first got into Sailor Moon (in late 2008, when I was 13), I remember scouring the net (with what little scouring skills I had back then, at least in comparison to now) for clips of the Senshi’s attacks so I could watch them whenever I wanted.

If you remember, in the R movie, the Senshi preform bitchin’ versions of their attacks (Moon Princess Halation, Shine Aqua Illusion, Fire Soul, Supreme Thunder, and Crescent Beam) that are powerful enough to wipe out entire legions of Fiore’s flower youma. Anyway, the clip I found of Fire Soul was unsubbed. This, combined with the amazing visuals

Made me think that the attack’s name was “Fire Storm,” which are an actual thing (and are extremely destructive and awe-inspiring). So, for quite a long time, I thought that Mars had a special attack called Fire Storm. I was quite disappointed to find out that it was just Fire Soul, haha.

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