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Fairytale Senshi by tsuki-kioku

Elemental Hair: Green and Brown

Green and brown are colors that are heavily associated with life and fertility; after all, soil is brown, and the flora that springs from it is green. In particular, green is the color of nature, fertility, life, renewal, and spring. Brown is a very down-to-earth color, representing stability, support, duty, sensitivity, and a sense of belonging. 

Interestingly, green seems to represent Mako’s powers as Sailor Jupiter while brown represents Mako herself; Jupiter harnesses the power of nature (be it weather or plant life) while Mako is an essential source of support within the Sailor Team, treasuring her friends as family and making sure that she’s always there to support and protect them.

In honor of Sailor Moon Crystal’s upcoming debut, here are more Super Senshi!

Well, here they are! The long-awaited Super colorings! Sorry they took so long, my scanner was being a total butt and refused to give me good scans (I might try rescanning these later, as I’m not completely happy with how they turned out; for example, some of the back bows look white, but in reality I lightly colored them with the main color).

Also, you’ll notice that Pluto is in her first form; it was impossible for me to find a good coloring page of Super Sailor Pluto that included her skirt, so I just went ahead and colored her first fuku, considering that there aren’t that many differences, anyway.


And since I was going frame by frame for that last post anyway.

Please enjoy possibly the poorest quality gifs in existence.

Sailor Moon: Positive Role Model Since 1992

Hello Katy. I love your blog and how insightful it is regarding SM and I just wanted to show you an article I found about why Sailor Moon is a great role model. Here: (link for the lazy)

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Thanks for the link! :D This is a good article. I’m surprised that the author didn’t mention anything about Usagi becoming a Queen, though! ~Silvermoon424


Illustration: Kazuko Tadano (只野和子)


Illustration: Kazuko Tadano (只野和子)


This is how I spent the last 1.5 hours.

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