Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss!

Neo Sailor Senshi by AxsenArt

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 5 Preview | Makoto, Sailor Jupiter

Inner Senshi by qMargot


Sailor Moon Crystal (美少女戦士セーラームーンクリスタル) animation character designs by Yukie Sako (佐光幸恵) included in Anime CUTiE Magazine with a few extra facial expressions. The Sailor Moon Crystal Official First Visual Book (Amazon JP) comes out 8/22 and will hopefully have even more!

Prototype Senshi by じじ山

Princess Jupiter by しらたき


If you aren’t familiar with the forms, they’re:

  1. 1st form (manga version)
  2. 1st form (anime version)
  3. Super form
  4. Eternal form
  5. Prototype form

Sailor Moon also has her manga Super form featured.

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