Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss!
The second of the flower portrait colorings! Mars and Venus’ can be found here.

The second of the flower portrait colorings! Mars and Venus’ can be found here.

Princess Couture: Jupiter

Princess Jupiter’s dress is even more ornate than Venus’, and that’s saying something!


The most striking aspect of Jupiter’s gown is how incredibly feminine it is. Gauze, ribbons, and roses are everywhere, and the dress itself is rather revealing; none of the other princess gowns have a slit like that. Of course, all of this ties back into Mako’s personality. Of all of the Senshi, she struggled with her femininity the most; more than anything, she yearned to be as pretty and girly as the rest of her friends and classmates, but felt that she was too masculine and awkward to pull it off. Over the course of the series, she gradually grows into herself and becomes much more comfortable with exploring her femininity, and the end result is this gown. In addition, the ruffles of Jupiter’s dress somewhat resemble leaves, furthering her association with nature.

As for the color, green is the essence of nature. Green represents growth, abundance, and vitality. It’s a color that is associated with natural life and represents renewal, growth, health, spring, generosity, fertility, and vigor. It also has connotations with balance, endurance, hope, stability, and safety. All of these concepts tie back into Mako herself, both personality-wise (her generosity towards her friends and how she represents stability and safety to them, for example) and to her life (like the renewal of life she experienced after she became a Senshi).

As always, Naoko designed the perfect dress!


My favorite caps of Mako-chan thus far <33

A comparison between the end of the transformation poses in the Moon Pride music video (left) and in the actual series (right).

In my personal opinion, I think the Moon Pride ones look better (especially in Jupiter’s case). However, I do like the roses at the end of Moon’s transformation, and I love how they added in Phobos and Deimos to Mars’. The screencaps on the left are probably what we can expect to see in the DVD release!

Here are the Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter cards from my Sailor Moon card deck! There are only 3 of each (Minako got 8, however). The artwork is so pretty! The cards themselves are sort of damaged and dirty (due to their age), but I tried my best to clean them up.

Also, here are Minako’s cards!


Flower Hurricane

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