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You know, the contrast here is pretty fascinating.

In the original anime, Ami overhears Usagi’s friends gossiping about her (or rather, her extreme intelligence), saying that she’s all stuck up and aloof just because she’s smarter than the rest of them (of course, we all know that this is the farthest from the truth). In Crystal, Ami instead overhears two guys talking about her absurdly high IQ and how they’ve never seen her with any friends.

In the original anime, Ami looks pissed. She’s just caught people talking shit about her behind her back and she’s not at all pleased. Crystal!Ami, however, is just so sad. Usagi’s friends were gossiping and making all sorts of unfounded assumptions (like Ami being a uppity, pretentious snob who thinks she’s better than everyone else). The boys who were talking about her, however, were telling the truth; Ami is insanely smart and, at the start of the series, she doesn’t have anyone to call her friend. 

It’s no wonder why she’s offended by one and depressed by the other. She may not be a snob, but nobody likes being reminded that they’re isolated.

Neo Sailor Senshi by AxsenArt


The three guardians of justice…

Inner Senshi by qMargot


二人のセーラーマーキュリー by 水羽 on pixiv

Has anybody else noticed that the Senshi’s new transformations, so far, really echo their personalities?

Like, first up you’ve got Usagi. She thrusts her hand up, all energy and enthusiasm, pure Usagi, and then things get epic. Her hand drifts off to one side, really elegant-like, an echo of long ago. She thrusts her hands up and you see ribbons and lights—girl’s an anime fan and you know she’s into mahou shojo, don’t lie. We know exactly where those ribbons and lights came from. She crosses her arms in an elegant gesture, and then her legs—she’s mimicking all of the graceful and beautiful things she’s seen in transformations on TV. (Maybe even some show based on a manga by a woman named Naoko Takeuchi, who knows?) And then, the girly bow—sparkly!—and the pose.

Here’s where it starts getting cool, and you can trace this back to Classic, too. Sailor Moon didn’t exist in the past, so this is literally Usagi deciding her own identity, what she looks like and who she is. And who is Usagi? A comic-loving pretty girl who believes you can fall in love and still be strong. Gosh. That sounds a little familiar:

And it works on multiple levels—Lynda Carter’s Golden Lasso of Truth is pretty chintzy-looking, but go watch Justice League, yo. I see a Moon Tiara Boomerang right there. (Justice League Wonder Woman has a pose that’s pretty close to the tsuki no wa atte oshokiyo pose, too.) Even as Sailor Moon, she’s still our pop culture-loving little girl.

Next: Mercury! I can’t embed video here, but you can find her transformation easily on YouTube if you look up “sailor moon crystal mercury”. She puts her pen up like she’s told, and lets go slowly—this is her memento of Usagi, the first moments in her life she could actually say she has a friend. But when she takes it back—something is happening to her, something strange—she’s barely touching it. It’s not just a pen now, it’s a talisman, and something so powerful and wonderful couldn’t possibly have fallen into her hands, not shy little Ami who’s not good at anything but studying. It’s impossible. And sure enough—right away she yanks her arms in, hugs herself from the front. She’s still not sure. They’ve got the wrong Mizuno Ami. And she turns and she jumps, but when she does she tucks her arms in at her sides and keeps her legs close together:

That is the body stance of someone who’s realy not sure what they’re doing here. The feet are pointed in awkwardly, the knees knock together, the arms are out to catch her after that leap but still pulled in toward her, still trying not to take up space. If you do Mercury’s pose in real life, you’ll discover that it’s very cramped—there’s a lot of room for her to expand to, but she’s choosing not to, to stay in a tiny, compact position:

That’s the farthest we’ve ever seen her extend her arm. And it’s still in a straight line out forward from her body, her other arm still tucked in at her side. She’s still little Ami who fades into the background and isn’t going to be an inconvenience or take up space. And just that bit of assertion, just the guts it takes to throw her hands out and say “repent,” leaves her blinking and gasping in shock: is this me?

And then there’s Rei. She lets go of the pen at once, as she’s been told. And then she snatches it right back, because that weird talking cat just told her she’s chosen, she’s special, she has a purpose, and after all these years, you’re not taking that away from her. She throws her arms and legs out to the sides—let’s get this done, let’s kick some ass, I have the Sailor Senshi here who are waiting on me and I’m the dependable one, the angry one, the one who gets things done, I’m the one who will burn your heart if you harm my loved ones. And she ends up like Usagi—a strong and confident pose, legs spread, arms extended:

But unlike Usagi, Rei’s pose is serious, a little more grown up. That right arm could pull back and punch you in the face any second now and you’d never see it coming. Her chest is pushed out and open—that’s a dominating, alpha gesture. In a real-life adaptation of Rei’s attitude here, it would be played by Lucy Liu or Meryl Streep. You wanna screw with her clan? Oh, you go right ahead, and one of those high heels will go right up your ass. And while you’re at it, go ahead and assume she’s just a pretty face, at your peril. She’ll throw her arms behind her head like a swimsuit model and then light you on fire while you’re still wiping up your drool. Even her final pose:

She’s got cramped arms like Ami, but look at her face. She’s not keeping her arms close out of discomfort. It’s contempt. You’re not even worthy to be in her space.

Even as the Senshi, they’re still our girls—our flawed, chipped but not broken, isolated girls who are about to form a team of friends for love and justice.

And if that doesn’t get you crazy excited to see what they do with Jupiter, and the rest of what Crystal’s going to show us, I don’t know what will. (I’m looking forward to a transformation that doesn’t have that awful bodysuit error in it. Might just be me, though.)

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Sailor Moon Crystal (美少女戦士セーラームーンクリスタル) animation character designs by Yukie Sako (佐光幸恵) included in Anime CUTiE Magazine with a few extra facial expressions. The Sailor Moon Crystal Official First Visual Book (Amazon JP) comes out 8/22 and will hopefully have even more!

Awakening: Mercury and Mars

Prototype Senshi by じじ山


If you aren’t familiar with the forms, they’re:

  1. 1st form (manga version)
  2. 1st form (anime version)
  3. Super form
  4. Eternal form
  5. Prototype form

Sailor Moon also has her manga Super form featured.

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