Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss!

I love all of the matching shots in episode 172! I wish they had done this sort of thing more often.

Prototype Senshi by じじ山


マーキュリープロトタイプ by じじ山

I made some memes of the Senshi’s attacks Pokemon style! I’ll do another set with some of the other Senshi. 


By Marco Albiero


By Marco Albiero


So carteraug21 of DeviantArt made a series of gorgeous linearts of the Sailor Princesses and gave me (and anyone else who is interested) permission to color them! First up are Princess Mercury and Princess Mars!

Today is my dear friend Ashley's 21st birthday, so I just had to make her something!

Ash, we’ve been good friends for almost three years now and I’ll always be grateful that I met you. You’re always there for me and you always know what to say to cheer me up. You’ll forever be the Ami to my Minako! <3

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