Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss!

I bought yet another furoku (Nakayoshi promotional goodies) set, this time a notebook. It was filled with these doodles (along with others, which I’ll post later), which where never reprinted anywhere else (to my knowledge). I’ve never seen these posted online before so I figured I’d share them with the world!

They’re watermarked because the furoku set was bought, scanned, and edited by me. Please let me know if you want the original scans to edit! You can also see more of my exclusive furoku scans here.

Sailor Moon Crystal

"Usagi-chan is a girl who gave all of us something incomparable…"

"You don’t get it at all… If we had not met Usagi, we would all be alone right now!"

"She’s someone who is very important to us…"

"Please don’t take her away from us…"

You know, the contrast here is pretty fascinating.

In the original anime, Ami overhears Usagi’s friends gossiping about her (or rather, her extreme intelligence), saying that she’s all stuck up and aloof just because she’s smarter than the rest of them (of course, we all know that this is the farthest from the truth). In Crystal, Ami instead overhears two guys talking about her absurdly high IQ and how they’ve never seen her with any friends.

In the original anime, Ami looks pissed. She’s just caught people talking shit about her behind her back and she’s not at all pleased. Crystal!Ami, however, is just so sad. Usagi’s friends were gossiping and making all sorts of unfounded assumptions (like Ami being a uppity, pretentious snob who thinks she’s better than everyone else). The boys who were talking about her, however, were telling the truth; Ami is insanely smart and, at the start of the series, she doesn’t have anyone to call her friend. 

It’s no wonder why she’s offended by one and depressed by the other. She may not be a snob, but nobody likes being reminded that they’re isolated.

Inner Senshi by qMargot


二人のセーラーマーキュリー by 水羽 on pixiv

Awakening: Mercury and Mars


My friend and I were disappointed that the other girls did not get their own title cards for Sailor Moon Crystal, so I decided I’m going to try and draw my own interpretations.
Here is Ami.

Design is based off the official title card of Usagi.


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