Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss!
hi! im writing a paper on sailor moon (!!! v excited about it!) and unfortunately i dont have any of the hard copies. i was wondering if you knew of any good/as authentic as possible english versions on line? thank u for ur expertise!!! xoxo

Miss Dream has got you covered ;)

Your favourite/least favourite starter in all six regions in Pokémon? Mine: Greninja (favourite), Meganium/Emboar (least favourite)

I actually don’t dislike ANY of the starters, so “least favorite” actually does mean “least favorite;” the ones I like but just not as much as the others.


  • Favorite: Bulbasaur line
  • Least favorite: Chespin line


  • Favorite: Torchic line/Cyndaquil line/Charmander line (SORRY, FIRE TYPES ARE MY FAVORITES)
  • Least favorite: Chimchar line


  • Favorite: Piplup line
  • Least favorite: Froakie line
I am so torn, what should I buy? The Kodansha english comics or the Tokyo Mixx ones and why??

Kodansha! For a bunch of reasons:

  • The translations are better (for example, Usagi is Usagi and not Bunny, Makoto is Makoto and not Lita, etc).
  • Authenticity! Mixx Westernized the manga as much as they could, just like the dub. Kodansha keeps in every reference to Japanese culture, including names and suffixes (Minako-chan, Michiru-san, etc).
  • On that note, nothing was changed to make the manga more “kid-friendly.” Although Mixx was actually very good at not watering things down, they still were guilty of doing so on a few occasions. Kodansha doesn’t do anything like that.
  • They’re much easier to find and much less expensive due to still being in print; the Mixx comics stopped being published over a decade ago.
  • The Kodansha translations are the shinsouban version and not the tankobon; you get more pages, updated artwork, colored pages, and many more upgrades.
  • You’ll be actively supporting the Sailor Moon industry; because the Mixx versions went out of print so long ago, buying them won’t support anyone except the person who sold them to you.
  • You can buy box sets instead of having to individually buy each volume.

I could keep going on, but basically, Kodansha’s version of the manga is superior to Mixx’s in almost every regard.

cute as a button, flawless human being, perfect blog.

your looking for questions i see, why do you like sailor moon !? :3

Basically because of how much it inspires me and makes me happy. I could go on for pages but that’s basically the gist XD

Question! Do you have any OCs? Original Characters I mean. I loves me some OCs, even if they're not magical ones.

Kinda; it’s complicated. I’ve come up with concepts for some Sailor Moon OC characters, but nothing really concrete. You can browse some of my ideas in this tag.

I get a headache every time I re-read all of the posts you've had to debunk on the typical general assumptions people make on Sailor Moon. (> ; v ;)> ~♥ I'm so sorry! Have a hug in the name of the moon! ♥~ <(; w ;<)

Aww, thank you! Truth be told, though, I do really love analyzing, writing, and debunking, so writing that big-ass post really wasn’t a big deal for me; I actually enjoyed it! 

Who's your favourite magical girl in Madoka Magica?

I think that answers it, haha.

How do you like NGE so far? Favorite character(s)?


I’m very nearly done with it; I’ve watched half of episode 24 (had to stop it because we went out to dinner), so I just need to watch the other half, episodes 25 and 26, and then The End of Evangelion. I’m also going to watch the Rebuild movies afterwards.

My favorite characters are Misato (she’s literally based on the concept of a 29-year-old Usagi, right down to the voice actress- how could I NOT love her?), Kaworu, and Rei. I also have strong feelings for Asuka, just because I feel SO FUCKING BAD for her. Her mind rape in episode 22 literally reduced me to tears (and scared the crap out of me) and she keeps popping into my thoughts every now and then. So I may not love her exactly, but I feel more strongly towards her than I do towards any other Evangelion character.

Oh, and “Zankoku na Tenshi no These”/”A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” is THE CATCHIEST AND MOST AWESOME SONG I’VE EVER HEARD. Right after I heard it for the first time in episode 1 I downloaded the mp3s of like three versions of it (full version, TV size, karaoke, etc). That song is the audio version of Pringles; you can’t listen to it just once, just like you can’t eat only one Pringle, haha. 

Silly, random question: can you tell us some of your favorite shows growing up? Also, you have anime and manga you love, of course, but do you love any cartoons? as in, western animation? not counting movies, just TV shows.

I was OBSESSED with Calliou as a kid, haha. I actually still kinda am; every now and then I watch reruns when I have weekdays off, haha. When I was very young (around 4) I was also obsessed with Dragon Tales. I even had a Dragon Tales themed party for my fourth (or fifth, can’t remember which) birthday!

As for Western animation, I’m REALLY big on animated adult comedies, haha. My favorite shows are

  • Bob’s Burgers
  • Archer
  • Rick and Morty
  • South Park
  • American Dad
  • Home Movies
Which sailor is your fav?

Sailor Star Maker, aka Forehead-chan.

LOL JK, it’s my soulmate Minako.

I'm stuck on TVTropes. I can't get out and it's your fault. (I'm having fun, so whatever)

Lmao, I think I’m going to start putting TW: TVTropes (meaning, Tab Warning: TVTropes) whenever I link it, haha.

TVTropes is honestly the most addicting site on the entire internet. I always have at LEAST 5 TVTropes tabs open, haha. 

How long are you going to be in Chicago?

Till Monday afternoon!

Since your my favourite moonie blog I wondered if you knew of anywhere to get awesome (but not too expensive) sailor moon clothes. I want to dress like a kawaii magical girl, but I'm poor, but want some cute tops/leggings/bags/anything. Any advice? Ps still don't regret bookmarking your blog 😋😍👌

Aww, thank you! <3

And I’m actually not that experienced with Sailor Moon clothing; my forte is jewelry and collectables. So can anyone else help her out?

Choose between only having your tumblr on mobile or only be able to log on to tumblr in front of an audience(with a projector)

omg XD XD

As weird as it sounds, I’d go with the audience. My Tumblr history isn’t that scandalous. And the reason why I’d choose that is because we have yet to be introduced to XKit Mobile; I wouldn’t survive ten seconds on this website without being able to blacklist things.

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