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Imagine Dub!Malachite and Charlie Kelly talking about kitten mittens and how it's totally a great idea




I'n guessing (and hoping) that Minako's transformation pen remains the same as the one in the manga. You know, it had a little star and it was very different from the other girls' pens.

Totally! I can’t wait to see it!

Nice shirt. I would say Go Blue but I haven't earned the right this season >_<

Thanks! But it’s actually a Notre Dame shirt, haha. My brother goes there! 

Where do you find the pics you color? I would love to color some

Depends! The scans from the manga are from Miss Dream. The coloring pages are mostly from here, but you can Google around for other sites. The doujinshi scans are mostly from my own (considerable) personal collection, but Miss Dream and Three-Lights both have really great collections, too.

you'd think that's probably why they named her Serena, because it sounded like Serenity, so they wanted it to be obvious to kids from the beginning that she's the same chick? IDK

DiC mad it so much worse by actually having her BE Princess Serena instead of Princess Serenity, haha. Like I know little kids (the dub’s target audience) can be dense, but even they can grasp the concept of “she has two names.”

They also made Prince Endymion into Prince Darien. I know that Endymion is a Greek name, but it’s super easy to pronounce. It’s pronounced exactly how it’s spelled (unlike other names like Dionysus). It just bugs me an inordinate amount that their names in the past were EXACTLY the same as their names in the present. Like ?????? 

I used to watch this anime on netflix and I swear it was called musha but I cant find it anywhere, in the first episode there was a girl who was blind and kept in the dark bc the light would hurt her eyes and this man traveled and he smoked and his smoke healed her bc she was infected with musha (i think) and the the second episode the character had it in their ears and they were deaf and the guy healed them too any idea of what im talking about? :/ i cant find it!!!

I have no idea! Does anyone else know what it is?

Do you think there is supposed to be a slight difference between Sailor Ceres' and Sailor Chibi Moon's pink image color? If yes, what would your head canon on that be? I mean, they look mostly the same in colored pictures in which they appear together, but it would look so off to have two COMPLETELY pink (down to the hair) characters in a group!

Also, have you noticed how slightly over time/power-ups, Venus’ main image color has fluctuated a lot between Orange/Gold/Yellow, but her eternal form is almost always VERY yellow, and even her first uniform is now yellow on the cover of the kanzenban edition of the manga. Add Uranus to that mix with her yellow aura and energy (even though her fuku main color is navy) and you’ve got a very confused fan hahaha What are your thoughts on that?

Oh, and I forgot to mention, in the Ceres vs Chibi Moon ask: CereCere’s image color seems to be yellow (her ball/sphere thing was yellow in the anime)… even though her hair is pink and all the others have their hair the same color as their fuku, etc. But then, Ceres is the leader, like Venus, so maybe she’s different for a special reason. I like the theory that mentions that her hair is artifically pink so that she can serve as Chibi Moon’s replacement/dummy.

Also, Ceres was the goddess of harvest, but was specially represented by golden grains and cereals… even more reason for CereCere to be yellow themed, not pink! Hahahaha SORRY FOR ALL THE ASKS D:

Wow, there’s a lot to unpack here and I’m really eager to do it!

You sort of touched on this in your message, but I’ve always assumed that Ceres has pink hair, pink fuku, and red eyes to serve as Chibi Moon/Small Lady’s decoy, just as Venus (with her long blonde hair and blue eyes) could step in for Moon/Serenity. That explains why, despite the fact that Ceres’s “real” theme color seems to be yellow (to tie her in with Venus), her overall appearance is pink. That way, she can easily take on Chibi Moon’s appearance by changing her hairstyle. Both of their fukus are primarily pink, and I doubt that the villains would be vigilant enough to notice that Chibi Moon has a red front bow and Ceres has a lavender one.

As for your comments on the fluctuation of Venus’s theme color (ranging from yellow to orange to gold), Naoko Takeuchi stated that Venus was always intended to be gold.

However, her modified color seems to be orange; this was probably done because gold/yellow can be a very tricky color to work with and doing orange instead probably saved a lot of time and frustration, especially during the animation process (and the Materials Collection consists of concept art and sketches that Naoko originally pitched to the animators so they would know what colors to work with; she also made them so she herself could stay consistent).

By the time Naoko got to Stars (and when she made the kanzenban artwork), she probably had more than enough experience and time to perfect Venus’s yellow fuku. 

So I was browsing your "Original vs. Reprint" tag, and I noticed that in the reprint, THAT is when Naoko-sensei added the items to Jupiter and Mars (the potpourri belt and the fire jewel). Yet... in the original, they had neither of those. Do you think that's why we didn't get them in Crystal? Because they weren't part of the ORIGINAL release? :/

Actually, Jupiter’s potpourri belt and Mars’ fire gem were included from the very beginning… in character designs and some promotional artwork. 

So I think that Naoko originally intended to include them, but, because of time constraints (the hours that mangaka work to meet deadlines are absolutely brutal), she was forced to drop them. That’s why, when she was able to go back and redraw the series, she decided to finally include them in the regular manga. 

Mars’ gem was actually included in a lot of artwork, though, far more than Jupiter’s belt. 

I wonder if Naoko liked it more so she tried to include it?

I like it when you talk about stuff (not in a weird way, lol) SO.. Was your love for Minako instantaneous or a slow, gradual love? What is your favorite adaption of her? What about her character makes her your favorite?

Ah, thanks so much! 

And I was exposed to Sailor Moon for the first time six years ago so the details are fuzzy, but I think I was immediately attracted to Minako. I actually skipped quite a few filler episodes after Jupiter was introduced so I could get to her introduction faster. As I got further and further into the series, I kept finding more things to love about her (and I still do).

I think what makes me love Minako so much is because she represents the kind of person I want to be. Okay, maybe I don’t want to be quite as Minako as Minako is, but I still wish I could be more spontaneous, effervescent, and extroverted. 

Thanks so much with the words on Mamoru in Crystal. I see a LOT of people surprised/upset that he's getting so much focus in Crystal, and while I do understand he was a satellite character in the 90s anime, part of me definitely looks at people who are critical of that element and goes 'lrn2sailormoon'.


Mamoru definitely borders on satellite character status in the anime (and is sometimes just a full-blown satellite character) but he’s a huge deal in literally every other medium, especially the manga. Which, you know, Crystal is based on.

I think a lot of the complaints about Crystal in general are coming from people who haven’t read/dislike the manga. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but I just wish that they would admit that some of their complaints are rooted in the manga instead of acting like everything from Crystal is such a shock or a deviation from the series. 

u smell. also your bio says you're 19 and i just had a heart attack bc you're eternally 17 to me

Lmao I didn’t recognize your new icon for a second and only glimpsed at the “u smell” part so I was like “Is this a really fucking lame attempt at hate mail?”

And I knooooooow. I still feel 17 tbh. I can’t believe I’ll be 20 in 7 months ;__;

My personal theory was Plutonians had lifespans proportional to their actual years, i.e. how long it takes to go around the sun. So while Pluto may have looked twelve, that's twelve Plutonian years, and she's lived for thousands of years already in Earth/Moon terms.

That’s such a cool theory! After all, it doesn’t make much sense that other planets would go by Earth years.

Hi~ How about making Pokémon teams for each senshi? I think you made it already with Usagi, I´m not sure... Anyway, it would be nice to see which ones you think that match the girls :)

I already did!

I wrote this because X and Y came out, so there are no Gen VI Pokemon. I rectified this by making a post about what Gen VI Pokemon the Senshi would be.

Do you think Naoko holds a grudge against Ikuhara for not following the manga for R through SuperS?

I definitely don’t think she holds a grudge (I always got the impression that she loves the anime, she just wishes it was more faithful to her work), but I imagine that she’s probably still a bit disappointed that the anime deviated so much from her source material. That’s why she seems so happy about Crystal.

Just something to help you with the Princess Couture series: did you notice how all the Outer Senshi have a sheer cape-looking thingy attached to their gowns? What do you think it means?

Yeah, I have!

I assume it’s just to make them look more regal and mature than the Inner Senshi’s dresses. At the same time, the Inner Senshi’s dresses are far more ornate and distinctive than the Outers’, so the sheer gauze was probably included to add some flair to their dresses.

Thanks for reminding me about Princess Couture, too! I need to make another entry soon.

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