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I just accidentally went through your entire "tuxedo mask is a dork" tag and I'm pretty sure it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen


Ngl, though, that’s my favorite tag. Every now and then I like to go through it and laugh at what a gigantic, lovable dork Mamoru is. Here’s the link for all of you lazy people out there :P

Something happened with the phone cases though and they got delayed. I hate to play Devil's Advocate, but everything I've ever pre-ordered from JList has arrived in perfect condition and on-time, and were shipped within 24 hours of the item being released. It's literally just an issue with the phone cases :P

No, you’re right, I’m just embittered by this experience, haha. And I DID get my compacts (which were being held hostage by my phone case until I split the order) eventually, so… :P

I do really love CDJapan, though, so I’m gonna wait and see if Saturn pops up there. But I’ll try to remember what you said in the future, because I think just disregarding JList completely is a bad idea.

Happy Birthday, congrats on making it around the sun again.

Okay, I had to post this because I’m going to say to everyone on their birthday from now on, haha.

Thank you! <3

The whole taking more power to destroy than to create also makes me wonder about Sailor Saturn again. She gives her life to destroy something, but I think she dies because she allows room for something else to grow - which fits her role as a soldier of both death and rebirth :D But I still wish we knew more about Galaxia and her motives :c

Oh, definitely! In discussions about Sailor Saturn, I always like to point out that destruction, in its purest form, is rebirth. For example, grasslands need to utilize the destructive power of fire in order to grow; the fire burns down the old vegetation and turns it into nutrients that new plants use to grow. Much in the same way, Sailor Saturn wipes out the old worlds in order to make way for new ones. 

Is that Neo Queen Serenity or Princess Serenity or Sailor Cosmos on the cover of Kanzenban 10???? Neo Queen Serenity right? It's hard to tell

Yes, it’s Neo-Queen Serenity! Here’s a closeup of her.

Yooo birthday twin! It's already the 24th already over here, so I'll wish you an early happy birthday. =D May your day be filled with much joy and bountiful amounts of cake!

Yay! And happy birthday to you, too! :D 

Building off your Galaxia post, it's also interesting that her crystal is called the Sapphire Crystal (if I remember correctly). Sapphires are the second strongest stone - so she was clearly chosen for power. But I can't help but feel that her power was meant to be directed towards improving the conditions of her planet. But of course, she wanted nothing to do with it and left without a second thought because the negative associations were already there. :D she's an interesting villain~

Ah, that’s very interesting! I love how you mentioned that sapphires are the second strongest stone; the strongest stone, of course, is the diamond, which the Ginzuishou resembles. So while Galaxia (sapphire) may be one of the strongest soldiers in the galaxy, she’s still second to Sailor Moon (diamond). 

You also brought up an interesting point, that Galaxia could have chosen to use her powers for good (creation) but instead let her power go to her head and chose evil (destruction). It also demonstrates how she’s inferior to Sailor Moon; it takes far more power to create than to destroy (think about the time, energy, and power that goes into making a tree grow as opposed to the energy it takes to burn that tree down).

Galaxia is a super interesting villain; she has so much potential! 

What date did the director of Crystal say he would release the character designs and voice cast? The 23rd or the 24th?

Neither; it’s actually April 27th :)

*pretend this is anonymous* What's your favourite "A" word?



yes, you’re my favorite word


Queen Elsa!


Katy. Aka me.

Also the anime Kaichou wa Maid-sama. I love that show!

hi! im writing a paper on sailor moon (!!! v excited about it!) and unfortunately i dont have any of the hard copies. i was wondering if you knew of any good/as authentic as possible english versions on line? thank u for ur expertise!!! xoxo

Miss Dream has got you covered ;)

Your favourite/least favourite starter in all six regions in Pokémon? Mine: Greninja (favourite), Meganium/Emboar (least favourite)

I actually don’t dislike ANY of the starters, so “least favorite” actually does mean “least favorite;” the ones I like but just not as much as the others.


  • Favorite: Bulbasaur line
  • Least favorite: Chespin line


  • Favorite: Torchic line/Cyndaquil line/Charmander line (SORRY, FIRE TYPES ARE MY FAVORITES)
  • Least favorite: Chimchar line


  • Favorite: Piplup line
  • Least favorite: Froakie line
I am so torn, what should I buy? The Kodansha english comics or the Tokyo Mixx ones and why??

Kodansha! For a bunch of reasons:

  • The translations are better (for example, Usagi is Usagi and not Bunny, Makoto is Makoto and not Lita, etc).
  • Authenticity! Mixx Westernized the manga as much as they could, just like the dub. Kodansha keeps in every reference to Japanese culture, including names and suffixes (Minako-chan, Michiru-san, etc).
  • On that note, nothing was changed to make the manga more “kid-friendly.” Although Mixx was actually very good at not watering things down, they still were guilty of doing so on a few occasions. Kodansha doesn’t do anything like that.
  • They’re much easier to find and much less expensive due to still being in print; the Mixx comics stopped being published over a decade ago.
  • The Kodansha translations are the shinsouban version and not the tankobon; you get more pages, updated artwork, colored pages, and many more upgrades.
  • You’ll be actively supporting the Sailor Moon industry; because the Mixx versions went out of print so long ago, buying them won’t support anyone except the person who sold them to you.
  • You can buy box sets instead of having to individually buy each volume.

I could keep going on, but basically, Kodansha’s version of the manga is superior to Mixx’s in almost every regard.

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