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With regards to "I don't have to raise my hand to go to the bathroom", I'm going into my THIRD YEAR of post-secondary, and I still feel super awkward not asking first so I still do LOL


It’s weird; on one hand I’m so used to asking it feels really strange not to but on the other asking permission to PEE is in itself really weird, haha.

Do you think Sailor Moon's fuku carries elements from the Inners like having the same boots as Mercury and a tiara gem the same colors as Mars?

I think there’s just some overlap with the designs (in fact, four Senshi, or nearly half of the Sailor Team, have red tiara gems: Moon, Mars, Chibi Moon, and Pluto), but Moon definitely carries her teammates with her on her fuku! All of her brooches have colored gems that represent each of the Inner Senshi (and the Eternal Article has gems that represent everyone).

Was it ever explained (in-show or out of show) why Chibiusa has pink hair and red eyes? I once read something about her genetics being screwed up because her mother was hit with an attack while pregnant, but I think that was fan fiction.

That explanation is definitely from fanfiction, haha. I mean, it’s a neat interpretation, but it’s not canon.

In-show, no, Chibiusa’s hair and eye colors are never given an explanation. However, Naoko Takeuchi gave her own; she basically designed Chibiusa to resemble a pink rabbit. She was disappointed that Usagi’s design wasn’t as rabbit-like as she originally envisioned so decided to try again with Usagi’s daughter, Chibiusa. Chibiusa’s odango look like rabbit ears, her red eyes resemble those of an albino rabbit’s, and her pink hair has its own special meaning.

Was it purely coincidence that Chibiusa's name is also more or less a combination of her mom's first name and her dad's last name (at least, the reincarnated versions) on top of the original meaning?

Do you mean how “Chibiusa” sounds like Mamoru’s family name, “Chiba?” If so, I think it’s purely a coincidence. Although “Chibi” and “Chiba” look and sound similar, the kanji have have totally different meanings.

  • ちび (Chibi, meaning “small,” “short,” etc)
  • 地場 (Chiba, containing the kanji “地” (chi) which also appears in the word “Chikyuu,” Japanese for Earth, and 場 (ba), meaning place or location)
In regards to Rei's necklace, did you possibly take into account also the spiritual significance? The place of the pendant covers two separate chakras which could help energy flow and Rei is pretty intuitive regarding spirits and things periodbutidk

(the post in question)

I looked it up, and you’re right!


In her civilian form, Rei’s necklace rests on her throat chakra, and in her Senshi form, it’s on her splenic (also known as the sacral) chakra. 

do you have any recommended websites to go on to read horror mangas? Or any recommended stories in particular? I read some in my past & I've always found them interesting and the one that you posted I loved; so creepy!
You always post the best creepypasta!!!

Thanks! :D If I may say so myself, I have a supreme taste in all things horror.

If you missed it, here’s my master list of recommended creepypasta!

your ginzuishou is gorgeous! where did you get it? :o
Where do you order all these cute sailor moon items?

I got the plushies on CDJapan! You can also check JList or eBay if they’re not there anymore.

I have a question regarding the season one finale of Sailor Moon. when Mamoru's memories with Usagi come flooding back, there's one that starts as him as a child at the hospital and ends with Usagi at his side, both of them their current age. my question is was that memory real? or was it just a way Mamoru connected his past self with his current self? thanks in advance!

The second one is correct! That was Mamoru’s subconscious’ way of saying “You’re not alone and confused anymore. You have Usagi, and she’s your family.”

Hello, I was wondering where you got your Mami Tomoe plushie

Unfortunately, people have asked me this before and I’ve always been unable to track her down. I was very lucky to get my Mami plushie off of eBay back in 2012 for around $40, but since then I haven’t seen her in stock anywhere.

All I can recommend is keeping an eye on the “Madoka Magica plushie” search on eBay. And, if you’re really intent on getting her, looking around Yahoo Japan. I’m on mobile so I can’t provide any links but I look around there later!

Which Senshi are you the most indifferent toward? Maybe it's because I'm only reading the manga but I just completed the infinity saga and I'm not too fond of Haruka and Michiru. They haven't really earned my love the way even Hotaru has at this point.

Haruka is the one I’m most indifferent towards. It’s mostly because, except for our stubbornness and habit of running away from our problems, I really don’t have anything in common with her at all. The Senshi are great because most of us are able to connect with all of them in some way, but Haruka is the one I connect with the least. That wouldn’t be a problem (because I have plenty of characters that I adore despite the fact that I have nothing in common with them) except that Haruka still doesn’t really catch my fancy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Haruka (I love ALL of the girls), but I definitely love her the least out of all of them. 

One of your transparent pngs seems to have been reposted on fuckyeah1990s

Great. AND they’re a really popular blog, so it already has over 400 notes. :/

I’m going to send a message but I doubt it will get answered. Guys, if you see this picture,

please REBLOG IT FROM ME INSTEAD of reblogging it from the reposter!

Congrats on the anniversary of your escape from your mother's womb.

Okay, this is it. This is the best “happy birthday” I’ve ever received in my 19 years of life.

*brb shamelessly ripping this off from you*

Thank you, though! <33

Once you receive this you must share five random facts about yourself. Then pass this over to ten of your favorite follows~! :)

Ooh, I love these~

  1. I’ve only been collecting anime merchandise since October 2011, but I’ve built up quite a sizable collection since then.
  2. I didn’t like reading until the fourth grade, when I got hooked on the Goosebumps series. I now have a miniature library in my room.
  3. I really love to write, hence the massive amount of analyzation that occurs on this blog.
  4. I’ve been doing manga colorings since August 2011; By now, I’ve done over 900 of them!
  5. Pokemon Adventures was my very first manga; Inuyasha was my first anime.
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