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Tumblr, I call upon your aid once again

So I have the majority of sources for my Sailor Moon thesis paper, but something I’m missing is an article that I can actually argue against and pick apart. 

So what I need is an article that talks about how Sailor Moon is bad for girls or is basically just anti-Sailor Moon. It needs to be a credible source, meaning that you can’t just give me someone’s rant on a Tumblr blog. But at the same time, it’s not like it needs to be written by someone with a PhD in feminist theory or something. 

I really, really need this if I’m going to write a good paper! Please help me out!

The Senshi Royalty Project (Outer Senshi edition) by Delight046

I especially love how the artist included their castles! She even designed Titan Castle (Saturn’s castle) because it wasn’t shown in the manga.

It really bothers me how some people act like Mamoru is a “threat” to the girl power present in the series and as such he should just be shoved in the corner and forgotten about until it’s convenient. This mentality is so beyond fucking stupid. Mamoru is the exact opposite of a threat to the female empowerment themes in the series. Let’s see… 

  • Mamoru never fails to make it clear that he idolizes Sailor Moon and has complete faith in her ability to save the day. In lesser shows, there would probably be some reoccurring theme about the guy feeling insecure and emasculated because the girl is more powerful, but this never, not once, happens throughout the course of BSSM. Instead, Mamoru laments that he wishes that he was stronger so he could stand by Usagi’s side and support her with everything he has; he doesn’t want to be stronger than her, he just wants to support her in any way he can because he loves and respects her more than anyone else. 
  • Mamoru makes it pretty clear that he thinks the world of the Senshi and, in particular, their friendships with Usagi. Like a third of his speeches in the original anime revolved around how strong and beautiful and amazing their bonds with each other were and how their friendship could triumph over anything. He also does his best to support the other girls, both in day to day life and during battle.
  • His and Usagi’s relationship is a prime example of what a romantic relationship should be like, especially in regards to not neglecting your other relationships. Usagi and Mamoru go on dates, talk to each other, and spend time together pretty frequently, but not at the expense of Usagi’s relationships with her friends and family. Sometimes, when a person (especially a teenager) gets a new boyfriend/girlfriend, they begin to neglect their friends and family even if they aren’t intentionally doing it. This never happens with Usagi and Mamoru. She still makes plenty of time for her friends and doesn’t exclusively focus on him. And Mamoru never shows any jealousy towards them, not even once. He fully understands how important Usagi’s friends and family are to her and so doesn’t intrude.
  • He’s like the best dad ever. Chibiusa utterly adores him for a reason, even in his King Endymion form. He always does everything he can to support and encourage Chibiusa and makes her feel like she can do anything.

These are all just off the top of my head. Mamoru is a great character and in no way “threatens” the dynamic between Usagi and the rest of the girls. So can some of you stop acting like such stereotypical man-haters? It’s embarrassing. 

On the Silver Millennium

So, on a whim, I decided to look up the definition of “millennium.” This is what I found:

In particular, this got my attention:

Sound familiar?

I’ve always assumed that the Silver Millennium lasted longer than 1,000 years, and it looks like my theory is backed up! The Silver Millennium could have been named as such because it was a period of long peace and prosperity, not because it was 1,000 years long.  

Queen Serenity

Queen Serenity

Please don’t be alarmed, that high-pitched noise you hear in the background is just me screaming my lungs out

Please don’t be alarmed, that high-pitched noise you hear in the background is just me screaming my lungs out


Also, I completely love how Crystal is bringing back Mamoru “OH MY GOD I LOVE THESE GIRLS’ FRIENDSHIPS SO MUCH THEY’RE EVERYTHING TO ME” Chiba. He may not make a whole lot of corny speeches anymore, but he still takes the opportunity to extol the Senshi’s friendships and how much Sailor Moon rules.

"Has made a statement to the media"

Omg, what did he do? Hold a press conference? Tweet something out from his official Tuxedo Mask Twitter account? Or did he just yell it out when he was running away from the scene of his latest robbery? Or maybe he just sent it directly to the press along with that glamour shot in the last screencap. Either way, that perfectly posed shot was totally sent by him because if the media is going to report on him, they damn better well get his best side.

I also love how he felt the need to make a statement in the first place. Like he just had to say “OMG YOU GUISE, NO, YOU HAVE IT ALL WRONG! I’M NOT A JEWEL THIEF! I’M JUST TRYING TO STEAL THIS SPECIFIC RARE JEWEL. SEE, IT’S TOTALLY DIFFERENT!”

(also, Ikuko playing with Luna is so cute <33)

So Queen Serenity’s redesign is getting a lot of attention, but there have also been a few other animation tweaks that I’ve noticed! These are just a few.

I like some of the older animation better (like the very first cap, for example) but I still think they’re taking a step in the right direction, especially with Serenity!

Art by Marco Albiero
Made transparent by Silvermoon424

Art by Marco Albiero

Made transparent by Silvermoon424

The front and back cover of one of my new doujinshi that I got off of Yahoo Japan <3 I love it! It’s by one of my favorite artists and the artwork is spectacular! I can’t wait to color the panels inside!

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