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I know we can rag on how horribly DiC tried to conceal the fact that Usagi/Serena was the Moon Princess, but I think a lot of us forget this:



(it literally is 10 seconds; the first screencap is from 2:48 and the second is from 2:58)

Huh, who could Princess Serena really be? Is it the girl with long blonde hair in buns whose name is Serena? DON’T BE SILLY! NOW STOP ASKING QUESTIONS AND LET US LEAD YOU ON A WILD GOOSE CHASE FOR THE NEXT 30 EPISODES.

I understand how precious the first dub is to a lot of people, but let’s not kid ourselves into thinking that it was a masterpiece. They absolutely decimated the chance of having any sort of mystery (not that there was much of a mystery to begin with) within the first three minutes of the first episode. 

Just got two new beautiful doujinshi~-

Just got two new beautiful doujinshi~-

All of my Chibi Moon compacts~

Aren’t they just beautiful?

All of my Chibi Moon compacts~

Aren’t they just beautiful?

Usagi holding Chibi Chibi ♥︎

I will never get over how much I love this adorably precious relationship! 

I like to think about Sailor Moon on a meta level, so I decided to explore the Tsukino family! redundantthinking gave me a lot of these ideas.

When Queen Serenity sent used the Ginzuishou to send Princess Serenity, Endymion and her guardians the future to be reincarnated, she didn’t just send them. It seems as if she sent her entire court and possibly even the brainwashed Earthlings (after all, they only attacked the Moon Kingdom because Metallia controlled them).


So that got me thinking; maybe some of the civilian characters that we know and love were reincarnated from the Silver Millennium, too!

I went to the most obvious place for theorizing about possible civilians who were people of the Silver Millennium in the past: The Tsukinos. And this is what I came up with.

  • Ikuko Tsukino: Ikuko was originally Princess Serenity’s nanny; after all, the Queen of the Solar System has a lot of things that she needs to get done and can’t always be there to watch over her daughter. Ikuko was like a second mother to Serenity and the Queen deeply appreciated that she helped fill in the mother role and took care of Serenity when the Queen herself was unable to. When sending her court to be reincarnated, Queen Serenity wished that her daughter could grow up with Ikuko as her new mother and the Ginzuishou granted her wish.
  • Kenji Tsukino: Kenji was one of Serenity’s tutors, filling in for Mercury on occasion or for subjects that Mercury wasn’t as strong in. Unlike Mercury, who took a somewhat strict and very principled approach to teaching, Kenji often tried to make learning fun and came up with all sorts of games and other fun things to help Serenity learn. Because of this, he was her favorite tutor and shared a very warm, fatherly relationship with her. Because Serenity didn’t really have a father (given that we hear literally nothing about him in canon, it’s probably safe to assume that he isn’t a part of Serenity’s life during the SilMil, either because he died or for some other reason; there’re even theories that Serenity didn’t have a father, her mother reproduced asexually with the Ginzuishou), Kenji became her father-figure. Again, Queen Serenity appreciated this and so wished that Kenji could become the reborn Serenity’s father. 
  • Shingo Tsukino: I haven’t really come up with anything specific about Shingo’s exact role in the past, but I imagine that he was a child who lived in the palace (probably the son of one of the attendants or guards) and shared a sibling-like relationship with Serenity. They teased and fought with each other like real siblings, which neither Serenity nor Shingo had, and Serenity got a lot of her mischievous behavior from him. Not wanting Serenity to be an only child again, Queen Serenity wished that Shingo could be her brother. 

Queen Serenity wanted her beloved daughter to live the happiest, fullest life possible on Earth; it’s hard to imagine that she’d leave something as important as Serenity’s family, the people who would raise and care for her, up to chance. So she picked the best people possible for the job, and it worked! Serenity, now Usagi, grew up in a very happy, loving home, which enabled her to become a person who could make friends and relate to others as easily as breathing.

Says the Goddess of Beauty. 

Says the Goddess of Beauty. 


Usagi and her mamas ♥︎


Usagi and her mamas ♥︎

So I remember you getting that ask about the formation of Crystal Tokyo and how/when it came to be. I think I found an actually solid answer to how Crystal Tokyo came to be (at least in terms of the manga). 

Sailor Cosmos mentioned to the Amazoness Quartet senshi that Usagi and the others would safely be reborn in the 30th Century through the “lambda power.” I’m assuming this is because the battle with Shadow Galactica and Chaos resulted in the people of the universe being destroyed. And due to Usagi’s sacrifice in the Galaxy Cauldron, she was able to bring about the power to restore everything.

So imagine that due to the nature of the battle, resulting in everyone’s “deaths,” the universe took a one-thousand year period to restore itself. This explains why Sailor Cosmos would say they would be reborn in the “30th Century” instead of their own time. The entire world was just thrust 1,000 years forward due to the lambda power within the cauldron. Once the 30th Century came, Usagi was able to go on with her life, and upon reaching age 22, assumed the throne after making her identity and powers known once the war with Chaos was over.

It also explains, vaguely, why in the final pages of the manga, we were able to assume that Usagi had just been impregnated (I mean, come one! She SAID that a new sailor soldier would be born soon!!!!). So This could be the reason the formation of Crystal Tokyo took place in the 30th Century and how to Earth was “in a stand-still” for one-thousand years.

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This is a great theory! I like it a lot! Thanks for sharing. ~Silvermoon424

I like your theories a lot so I'm asking you something I've always wondered about. Why do you think Sailor Pluto was put in charge of the Door of Space-Time? Was there someone there before her?

Ooh, this is a great question!

Although we don’t see how or why Pluto was chosen to be the Guardian of Time, we do see Queen Serenity give her the position.

As we can see, Pluto is very young when she’s assigned this duty. Normally assigning a child to something as important as guarding time would be a bad idea, but Pluto isn’t just any kid; she’s the daughter of Chronos, the god/personification of time.

(the “guardian” referred to in the above screencap is Sailor Pluto, of course)

As the daughter of a time god, she’s more than suited to be the Guardian of the Space-Time door. She probably had an easy time learning to control and use her powers because she had a time god’s blood in her veins, too. It’s safe to assume that Chronos probably didn’t have any other children, or else we probably would have heard about them.

I imagine that Pluto was probably born very early into Queen Serenity’s reign, way before Princess Serenity or the Guardian Senshi were. Queen Serenity, aware of Pluto’s heritage and powers, assigned her to the role of the Time Guardian as soon as she was old enough to handle it (which, as I said above, was a lot younger than you may think). 

So that brings us to the second part of your question: Was there a Time Guardian before Sailor Pluto? I’m kind of iffy on this one, so here are the two theories that I like the best:

  1. There have been a series of guardians, always someone of Plutonian origin. However, none were as powerful as Pluto (who was both the daughter of Chronos and a Sailor Senshi) so someone would carry out the role for some years before passing it on to a successor. Because this was such a serious and honorable position, people would train for years in advance to be eligible for the role. Pluto was the first permanent guardian, holding the position all through the Silver Millennium, its destruction, the vast amount of time between that and the present, and then into the future of Crystal Tokyo. 
  2. The Door of Space-Time has always existed, but it didn’t really need a guardian before Pluto came along. The knowledge that it existed and how to reach it was only known by a few people (most of whom belonged to the royalty of the Silver Millennium, like Queen Serenity) so the Door was left in peace for countless years. However, someone gained knowledge of the Door and tried to use it for their own selfish purposes, causing a lot of distortion in space-time before Queen Serenity stopped them. After that, Serenity kept the Door of Space-Time closed with her powers, but still feared that it would be abused. After she heard of Sailor Pluto, she decided to ask her if she would be the Guardian of the Door, which Pluto accepted. 

I like both theories a lot and I waffle between which one I prefer. But I hope I gave you something to think about!

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