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Can we talk about how fucking gorgeous Usagi is in the opening because W O W

It’s hilarious how everyone and their mother always asks “Why does Mamoru and Usagi’s daughter have pink hair?” when Usagi herself is blond and her mother has pink/purple hair (depending on the medium) and her father’s hair is dark brown.

Let’s just agree that the Tsukinos have very strange genetics, m’kay?

I really hate it when Western “feminist” writers downplay, dismiss, and insult Sailor Moon

I ranted plenty about this earlier today, but I still have some unfinished business.

I think my main issue with this type of posts/articles/whatever is the constant bashing of Usagi. Oh, Usagi cries too much. Oh, she’s such a bad role model, what with the way she fails in school, dreams about being a bride, and is such a stereotypical teenage girl. Oh, Usagi isn’t nearly empowering enough, look at the way she doesn’t want to fight!

Guess what?

Usagi is a fourteen-year-old girl.

At the beginning of the series, Usagi is your average, run of the mill fourteen-year-old. She’s lived a very sheltered life, with a warm, loving family and close friends. Unlike, say, Ami or Rei, who pretty much had to grow up early because they had to take care of themselves, Usagi was given the chance to grow up at her own pace and take the time to enjoy her childhood/adolescence (an opportunity which, ideally, should be afforded to all children). So, when Luna appeared and Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon for the first time before being thrown into battle, she was understandably pretty unprepared for the responsibility she was thrust into.

And, before I go on, I have to say that I think Usagi handled becoming Sailor Moon extremely well. When she heard Naru in danger, she didn’t even hesitate to rush to her aid. Usagi even tells Luna that, although she has no idea what’s going on, she does know that her best friend is in danger and she’s willing to do anything to save her. 


That’s right, Usagi’s very first act as Sailor Moon is to put aside her fear and confusion and go help her friend. If that doesn’t perfectly encapsulate Usagi Tsukino’s entire character, I don’t know what does.

And yeah, Usagi is understandably scared and freaked out during her first battles. She cries, she says she wants to go home, that she doesn’t want to fight anymore. Once again, Usagi is fourteen. She’s barely a teenager and yet she’s being dragged into battle against hellish monsters that have the ability to murder her without a second thought. What the fuck do you expect her to do? Crack witty one-liners as she picks them off like some action movie hero? Usagi’s reaction to being thrust into the role of Sailor Moon is very realistic. When I was 14, there’s absolutely no way that I would have been able to take on the responsibility of being a Sailor Senshi without some bumps along the way. Hell, I wouldn’t be able to do that even now, at 19.

But Usagi adjusts. And when her teammates begin to join her, she finally grows into her role as a capable Soldier of Love and Justice. Usagi, like every other human being, needs support. She can’t do everything by herself, she needs people she can trust and depend on. And that is yet another example of the great messages that Sailor Moon sends out: “It’s okay to depend on other people. You shouldn’t try to do everything by yourself, you need to be open and willing to accept help if you need it.”

And Usagi matures. She is the complete opposite of a static character. In fact, Usagi undergoes some of the best character development I’ve ever seen. By the end of the series, she’s two years older (16 instead of 14) and much, much wiser. Being Sailor Moon is no longer a chore. Sailor Moon is her, an integral part of herself that can’t be ignored. She fights, not because she particularly enjoys doing it, but because wants to use her powers for good, to protect the world (and later, the entire galaxy) and those she loves from harm. She’s gone from a scared, confused young girl to a veteran warrior who still possesses the enormous capacity to love and forgive, even extending those feelings to her enemies.  

However, not only is their assessment of Usagi just flat-out wrong, it’s actually offensive. These people exaggerate the hell out of Usagi’s negative traits (which, by the way, every well-written character should have) and act like they completely ruin Usagi as a character and as a role model. Yeah, Usagi’s a crybaby, but she’s also the most loving and kindhearted person you’ll ever meet. She’s not that great in school, but is undyingly loyal to her friends and family, willing to sacrifice her very life to keep them safe and sound. She’s lazy and gluttonous, but goes out of her way to be friendly and kind to people and makes them feel wanted and accepted. Usagi may be a klutz, but she’s also pretty much the embodiment of love itself. If you ask me, those traits are nothing to sneeze at.

But, most importantly, Usagi is us. She’s someone we can relate to. When I started watching Sailor Moon at age 13, I immediately connected with Usagi. She told me that it was okay to be very emotional, because that just meant that I had a big heart and a lot of love to give. It was okay to be sensitive, because that meant that I could easily relate to others and understand their feelings. It was okay if my grades weren’t the best, because I was a good person and that’s way more important in the long run than my grades are. Basically, Usagi told me that I was okay being myself because, after all, we were similar and she was doing just fine!

Usagi’s very important to me. She’s important to all of us. That’s why seeing her get bashed and insulted for not being the Perfect Western Feminist Role Model™ really sets me off. And that’s why, whenever that happens, I’ll fight to the death to defend her. You can count on that.


Some people really need to stop overanalysing children’s cartoons to find things to be offended about. Especially if they can’t let go of their Murrica-centric view of the world. Japan is not America, blonde hair does not have the same connotations with femininity. Not to mention the blonde hair was a mere design choice: Usagi’s hair was originally going to be silvery or white (to go with moonlight) when she transformed (or in both forms) but her editor told her blonde hair would look more visually striking. As for sexualisation: too bad. Lots of straight women artists love to draw pretty girls in skimpy outfits, look at the artwork of CLAMP. Look at Naoko Takeuchi’s artwork and manga: she has artwork of all the Senshi in lingerie and swimwear, Usagi with no bra on, Usagi in bed with her boyfriend. And of course the villains like Berthier and Aluminum Siren, who go into battle in lingerie. Feminists who whine about female artists who genuinely love drawing pretty girls in skimpy outfits remind me of Principal Skinner shouting “NO NO NO THE CURVACEOUS FEMALE FORM HAS NO PLACE IN ART!” Again, why shouldn’t Usagi’s ultimate dream to marry and have kids? What’s wrong with that? I am so sick of feminists ranting about women’s choices… but much of it seems to boil down to “women have the right to choose… but only if they choose what i choose for them to choose. Women cannot make choices I personally do not approve of.” Really the author of this article has no business being as smug as she does because of her ignorance of Japanese culture and the actual show is enough to cover several devil’s food cakes.



According to the author, Usagi wanting to get married, have children, and live happily ever after surrounded by love is an example of “patriarchal dreams” and is apparently shameful. I already wrote a post on why it isn’t okay for “feminists” to bash choices like this so I’ll move on. Actually, no, I’ll say it again: Feminism is about a woman’s right to choose and to lead her own life. If she wants to become a wife and mother, so be it.

really have to question the author’s familiarity with the show because all she’s doing is passing judgement on surface appearances. For the billionth time, Usagi isn’t a helpless little flower who always needs Tuxedo Mask to save her. If she runs into trouble, Tuxedo Mask distracts the enemy so Sailor Moon has a chance to regroup and finish off the foe by herself. In fact, in the original anime, Tuxedo Mask NEVER finished off anyone by himself.

And “male superiority?” Are you for real, OP? Sailor Moon has to be one of the most pro-woman shows ever. And most importantly, it manages to be pro-woman without becoming anti-man. The supporting male characters in Sailor Moon are shown to be wonderful people, just like the main female characters are. Sailor Moon teaches that women aren’t better than men and men aren’t better than women. We’re all pretty great.

And, as for the whole “OMG HOW DARE TEENAGE GIRLS WANT TO FIND A BEAU!!!’ thing, I find that really offensive because guess what, a lot of young girls DO dream of romance and want to find someone to be intimate with. There’s nothing shameful or wrong about wanting to find love. And, as I’ve pointed out before, it’s not like the Senshi are all “I’m just going to sit and wait for a man to get me!” Oh, hell no. These girls want a knight in shining armor and they’re going to go out and MAKE sure that it happens. They’re not content with waiting around, they want to take matters into their own hands. How is that a bad message for girls?

Also, “Give Usagi some agency and confidence besides her magical powers. And stop making her seem like a girlchild.” I really feel like this author only watched the first few episodes of SM or only read a few chapters because hello, CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. Usagi starts off as a crybaby and a klutz but eventually grows into a confident, capable, brave, and beautiful young lady who isn’t afraid to give up her life if that’s what it means to keep the world (and later, the whole universe) and her loved ones safe. The series is about Usagi (not to mention the rest of the girls) growing up, maturing from teenagers to young adults. 

Aside from Usagi, the other girls are wonderful role models. Ami wants to be a doctor and puts great importance on diligence and study. Mako shows us that it’s completely okay to be both masculine and feminine, and she wants to start her own business by opening up a floral/bakery shop. Minako is the badass and capable leader of the Senshi who wants to become a world-famous idol. Rei has more dreams than she knows what to do with and is hellbent on living a successful and fulfilling life. The Outer Senshi are wonderful role models too, but this is already super long so I’ll stop with the Inner girls.

I’m just really upset at how some people downplay how important and empowering Sailor Moon is just because it doesn’t fit into their standards of what an important and empowering show “should” be like. At least all the commenters on that page know what’s up.

This adorable picture is taken from one of my personal furoku books (they’re basically special goodies and bonuses that were given out by Nakayoshi for promotional purposes). To my knowledge, my scan is the only one available of this particular picture, so enjoy!

This adorable picture is taken from one of my personal furoku books (they’re basically special goodies and bonuses that were given out by Nakayoshi for promotional purposes). To my knowledge, my scan is the only one available of this particular picture, so enjoy!

(read from right to left)

One of my new doujinshi has a really great story in it! From what I can gather, it takes place in the Silver Millennium and highlights Sailor Venus’s role as the decoy Princess. Back in the Silver Millennium, Princess Serenity would often use her and Venus’s striking resemblance to her benefit by having Venus pose as Serenity while Serenity herself snuck off to Earth to meet with Endymion. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what Mars and Serenity talk about when they run into one another in the garden.

Anyway, Venus removes her tiara to reveal the crescent moon marking underneath, further strengthening her resemblance to Serenity. She recalls that, when she was a child, Queen Serenity spoke to her about the Princess’s destiny to become a great Queen. As the leader of Princess Serenity’s guardians, Venus alone is entrusted with the great responsibility of being the Princess’s decoy, ready to do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

I’m not sure what the final pages are about exactly, but given that Mars ties Venus’s iconic bow back in her hair and then comforts her by holding her, I think it’s about how Venus will always be Venus, not just a decoy of the Princess.

All of my Super Sailor Moon stuff! I wish I had more, I love this form so much!

I FINALLY have this complete set of plushies! I’m so proud!

Sailor V

Sailor Moon Symbolism: Butterflies

Butterflies are a common, reoccurring emblem throughout the Sailor Moon series. Butterflies are seen as:

  • A distinctive part of Super Sailor Moon’s fuku and transformation. Not only does the back bow of her fuku shaped like a butterfly, butterfly wings appear behind her during her transformation and attacks and swarms of multicolored butterflies appear around her during many parts of the S arc. 
  • The Messiah, or the foretold savior of the world, is always depicted with butterfly wings.
  • Neo-Queen Serenity, like Super Sailor Moon, has a back bow that’s shaped like a butterfly, though hers is even more pronounced.
  • Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon, the Soul Hunter and final member of the Sailor Animamates, has her appearance entirely based on a butterfly. ”Papillon” is even French for “butterfly.” 
  • Princess Kakyuu’s aura was symbolized by a butterfly (or sometimes, an entire swarm of butterflies) made of red light. Before she made her first physical appearance, they signified her presence.
  • Star Seeds are also associated with butterflies. Sailor Galaxia’s Star Seed, the Light of Hope, took on the form of a butterfly made of pink light. In the manga, the souls that Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon looked after also took on butterfly forms.

The butterfly is most commonly associated with the soul, rebirth, and a profound, powerful transformation (or metamorphosis). Butterflies are most commonly associated with these concepts because of their life cycle; born as chubby, slow-moving caterpillars that do nothing but eat and try to avoid predators, they experience a total transformation after wrapping themselves in a chrysalis for a couple of weeks. When they finally emerge, the metamorphosis is complete; instead of caterpillars, they are now elegant, beautiful butterflies that are free to travel anywhere they please. In a sense, the caterpillar has experienced rebirth. The purpose of the life of every butterfly is to set everything that was once known aside and to embrace an entire new way of being.

These concepts are heavily present in Sailor Moon. The butterflies surrounding Super Sailor Moon represent her powerful transformation from Sailor Moon to Super Sailor Moon as well as symbolizing the strength of her soul. Similarly, Neo-Queen Serenity’s butterfly wings represent her change from the ordinary Usagi Tsukino to the Queen of Earth, Neo-Queen Serenity. The Messiah’s (or, Usagi Tsukino) wings signify her role as the savior of Earth; not only did she save Earth, she actually caused it to be reborn after the Silence.

The other butterflies represent souls. As a Star Seed is essentially the soul and essence of its carrier, it makes perfect sense for it to be represented by the butterfly. Similarly, red butterflies represented Princess Kakyuu’s aura, or soul. Finally, Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon was known as the “Soul Hunter;” her role within Shadow Galactica was to watch over the remnants of the souls that had been reaped by Galaxia. Fittingly, she was stationed in a graveyard, the final resting place of the dead before they went on to the next life. 

Crystal made the Transformation Pens writing utensils, just like they are in the manga!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m sensing some upcoming merchandise!

Which is the best theme song for Sailor Moon?
  1. Moonlight Densetsu (original anime, seasons 1-4)
  2. Sailor Star Song (original anime, season 5)
  3. Moon Pride (Sailor Moon Crystal)
  4. Kirari*Sailor Dream! (PGSM)
  5. La Soldier (unofficial theme of the Sera Myu musicals)
  6. Foreign dubs of Moonlight Densetsu (English, German, Chinese, etc)

I got another gorgeous brooch from southernmooncreation! If you don’t know who she is, she offers a wide range of handmade Sailor Moon replicas that are ridiculously cheap but very high quality. Each and every one of these brooches were under $10. They’re also fantastic for cosplaying purposes because they have pins attached to their backs.

I really can’t recommend these brooches enough! The only downside is that you have to wait 3 weeks (usually) to receive your item(s) because she has to make them first. Also, if you don’t see an item that you want, you can request it or just wait until she relists it.

Here’s my Pluto stuff! As Pluto is my favorite character after Venus, I’m glad I’ve managed to collect so much of her!

All of my Chibi Moon stuff!

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