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I won an auction on Yahoo Japan for a candy toy version of the Kaleidomoon Scope, so now I own all of Sailor Moon’s wands! I also have Chibi Moon’s Pink Moon Stick. I’m very proud of my collection!

I love King Endymion so much

When Princess Serenity became Neo-Queen Serenity, the changes to her appearance were pretty minimal.

There are even fewer changes in the manga; the only differences between Princess Serenity and NQS are the enlarged back bow and the crown that NQS has.

But Endymion? Oh, hell no. Like he’s going to be caught as an outfit repeater. 

So we go from this:

To this:

King Endymion got his own Materials Collection page. Neo-Queen Serenity didn’t, because the section on Princess Serenity pretty much covered it. That’s how radically different their styles are.

Also, I love how even Endymion’s hair turned lavender. Did he dye it so his natural black color wouldn’t clash horribly with the fabric? Or was the rest of him just SO LAVENDER that his hair magically transformed overnight? 

Now, I want you to visualize this for me. Imagine the birth of Crystal Tokyo. Image Neo-Queen Serenity, sitting in the Crystal Palace and relaxing after enduring the long, harsh road to building a utopia. Now imagine Endymion walking in. Visualize him in his lavender suit, with his many medals and bobbles and his scepter, just casually walking in like it’s the most normal thing in the world. What would be going through Serenity’s mind? Maybe “How the fuck did my husband pull all of this together without me noticing?” or “Is this what he was doing when the rest of us were battling? Is that why the rose-throwing was late this time?” or maybe even “Did he hire a stylist? Well obviously it’s not the official Royal Stylist, he’s clashing with everything!”

Mamoru Chiba, Tuxedo Mask, Endymion, whoever you are, please don’t ever stop giving me these small things to ponder about. I’ll die if you do.


Chibi Moon and her Asteroid Senshi by Marco Albiero

This is legitimately what goes through my mind every single time I watch the R movie.

Back when I first got into Sailor Moon (in late 2008, when I was 13), I remember scouring the net (with what little scouring skills I had back then, at least in comparison to now) for clips of the Senshi’s attacks so I could watch them whenever I wanted.

If you remember, in the R movie, the Senshi preform bitchin’ versions of their attacks (Moon Princess Halation, Shine Aqua Illusion, Fire Soul, Supreme Thunder, and Crescent Beam) that are powerful enough to wipe out entire legions of Fiore’s flower youma. Anyway, the clip I found of Fire Soul was unsubbed. This, combined with the amazing visuals

Made me think that the attack’s name was “Fire Storm,” which are an actual thing (and are extremely destructive and awe-inspiring). So, for quite a long time, I thought that Mars had a special attack called Fire Storm. I was quite disappointed to find out that it was just Fire Soul, haha.

I’m… Sailor Mars?

I’m… Sailor Mars?

You know, the contrast here is pretty fascinating.

In the original anime, Ami overhears Usagi’s friends gossiping about her (or rather, her extreme intelligence), saying that she’s all stuck up and aloof just because she’s smarter than the rest of them (of course, we all know that this is the farthest from the truth). In Crystal, Ami instead overhears two guys talking about her absurdly high IQ and how they’ve never seen her with any friends.

In the original anime, Ami looks pissed. She’s just caught people talking shit about her behind her back and she’s not at all pleased. Crystal!Ami, however, is just so sad. Usagi’s friends were gossiping and making all sorts of unfounded assumptions (like Ami being a uppity, pretentious snob who thinks she’s better than everyone else). The boys who were talking about her, however, were telling the truth; Ami is insanely smart and, at the start of the series, she doesn’t have anyone to call her friend. 

It’s no wonder why she’s offended by one and depressed by the other. She may not be a snob, but nobody likes being reminded that they’re isolated.

Man, Pluto is gonna KICK MY ASS for breaking as many taboos as I am, haha.

Neo Sailor Senshi by AxsenArt

I noticed my own mistakes while making this ironically xD. I cut out the coloring of the bow. And in the cleaner image I have on my blog (link), I just noticed I didn’t even draw her stripes

I saw a post in the SMC talking about color blotches being out of the lines, I dismissed the mistake because it made me realize that I color similary. Just a theory really, there’s different ways to color especially in ainmation. This just how I color when on a rush or I just don’t feel like coloring with the magic wand or polyline. I had this theory that Toei’s coloring animators, like the ones who color the animations, would use this method and may have missed a few things when erasing the colors outside the lines. And when you’re tired/stressed, staring at a computer screen for hours you’ll miss things like that.

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This is very interesting, thanks for sharing! ~Silvermoon424

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