Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss!
can I just say you have seriously pretty eyes? xx

Really? Wow, thanks so much!! I’m blushing so hard right now!!

faerielandsforlorn replied to your post: Did you know? (#21)

that staff is pretty, but the silence glaive is SO badass.

I’m so glad Naoko chose the Silence Glaive instead. That staff is not threatening. AT. ALL.

faerielandsforlorn replied to your post: I am literally making one rant about gun control and then I will never bring the subject up again and get back to anime and puppies and being a dork

If I thought you would listen, I’d offer a counterargument, but you seem hostile to discussion. but I feel a moral compulsion to tell you I think you are (partially) wrong and hope you will reconsider. Regardless I still like you & will follow you.

…. I’m not sure why you think I’d be hostile to discussion. The only times I’m ever hostile is if somebody is hostile to me first. 

If you want to give me a counterargument, please go to my ask box because I don’t want to clog up my blog. :)

Queen of Sailor Moon Analysis

That’s a good one! Thank you! <33

firecat88 replied to your post: I just revealed to a classmate that Haruka and Michiru are lesbians, not cousins

o_o There are people who still don’t know about Haruka and Michiru?

faerielandsforlorn replied to your post: I just revealed to a classmate that Haruka and Michiru are lesbians, not cousins

wow they really didn’t know? I thought all the dub succeeded in doing was making them look like *incestuous* lesbians! maybe it was just that I was looking for it?

Well, guys, we’re talking about someone who hasn’t seen SM since her childhood. She hasn’t really been up to date with it, as with a lot of people who watch the dubbed version as children. She didn’t even know about Sailor Saturn! So I really wasn’t all that surprised, given that SM seems to be one of those “Oh, I LOVED that as a kid!” kind of thing! :D

faerielandsforlorn replied to your photoset: Haruka and Michiru have reached the point in their…

if i didn’t love them so much I would be so annoyed with them. i hate when couple do that.

It’s usually like SO tacky and saccharine but not with them. IT’S HARD TO PULL OF BUT THEY MAKE IT WORK.

faerielandsforlorn replied to your post: thewhitemoonfamily replied to your post: Oh…

that’s what I am doing for Lent too!

Awesome! :D :D

The number 1 reason I follow you because I love how you discuss Sailor Moon's connection with myth. Myth and symbolism are huge interests of mine. Even when the information is not new to me, you present it so well that it feels new. I love your other posts too, those are usually just my favourites :). I also like that you show the courage to be yourself & speak your mind, thereby demonstrating the spirit & values of Sailor Moon. That is just as important as the information & pretty pictures. :)

THANK YOU!!! And I’m so happy you like my mythology posts! I definitely want to start doing those again!

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