Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss!

Oh my God, you guys, this movie is AMAZING. I’m not even halfway through yet and I’m freaking out. THE FIRST 15 MINUTES OR SO HAVE MICHAEL CERA TRIPPING BALLS ON COCAINE AND IT’S WONDERFUL.

Seriously, just watch this.

So earlier today, I decided to hunt down as many versions of my favorite song, “Let It Go,” as I could. Four and a half hours later, I ended up with this.

Because it took me forever to find all of the versions that I wanted, and because there are very few places to actually download these songs, I decided to post my findings on MediaFire for everyone to enjoy. This is by no means a complete compilation of the various versions of “Let it Go,” but rather only the versions that I personally enjoy (for example, there are only a few mp3s of the pop version of “Let It Go” because I don’t like it nearly as much as the original version). More than likely, I’ll make a second part to this compilation with more music.

The majority of the songs on here consist of the various “Let It Go” releases in different languages, but there are also a few covers present as well. Also, the audio quality sometimes varies a lot; I tried my hardest to find the best versions available (because I’m really picky about audio quality, trust me) but a lot of these songs have yet to be officially released so they were ripped from YouTube videos with less than stellar quality. Hopefully I’ll be able to update them soon!

Here’s the list of the various versions of “Let It Go” in different languages I have (also, if I don’t provide a translation for the song’s title, assume that it’s simply “Let It Go” because a lot of them kept the original title):

  • All’alba Sorgerò (“I Will Rise at Dawn”) (Italian)
  • La Den Gå (Norwegian)
  • Laat Het Los (Flemish)
  • Lad Det Ske (“Let it Happen”) (Danish)
  • Lass jetzt los (“Let Go Now”) (German)
  • Legyen hó (“Let There Be Snow”) (Hungarian)
  • Libérée, Délivrée (“Freed, Released”) (French) 
  • Libre Soy (“I’m Free”) (Latin American Spanish)
  • Livre Estou (“I’m Free”) (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Mam tę moc (“I Have This Power”) (Polish)
  • Sad je Kraj ("Now It’s the End") (Serbian)
  • Slå dig fri (“Free Yourself”) (Swedish) 
  • ¡Suéltalo!! (Castilian Spanish)
  • 冰心鎖 ("Ice Heart Lock") (Cantonese) 
  • ありのままで (“As It Is”) (Japanese) 
  • 다 잊어 (“Forget Everything”) (Korean) 
  • Отпусти и забудь (“Let Go and Forget”) (Russian)
  • ปล่อยมันไป (Thai)

Well, I’ve run out of things to say. Hopefully you’ll like this!

Just found this awesome website that lets you know whether the cute and cuddly animals featured in a certain film dies or not. This is great for me, because I always get so depressed when an animal dies onscreen, haha (not humans though, unless they’re awesome and/or sympathetic; it’s hard to feel sad when a shitty/cardboard/whatever movie character dies, but when something fluffy and harmless bites the dust, FORGET IT)

Links for the Flowers in the Attic remake
This is the website I use to create my collages, Fotor. Not only is it user-friendly and very easy to use, it’s super fun, too! I’ve spent hours just making collages!

This is the website I use to create my collages, Fotor. Not only is it user-friendly and very easy to use, it’s super fun, too! I’ve spent hours just making collages!


I’ve got a lot of really cheesy drama movies if you’re into those! XD

go for it :D

Okay! I’ll add links because I’m a cool customer. These are all super cheesy Lifetime-esque movies about women with problems XD

I’ve got TONS more but this should be enough for now! Let me know if you want any more! I can also recommend some genuinely good movies, too. XD

I’m selling one of the prettiest dolls there is- Princess Serenity!

She came in a lot of dolls I bought and, since I already have one, I’ve decided to sell the other. If you’re interested, be sure to bid! 

I honestly don’t know if it’s like that for all of the episodes, but it’s still pretty cool! Normally you can only get such high quality episodes by torrenting from Sailor Moon Center.

I found a seller on eBay who’s selling these beautiful necklaces for only $12! I own one and they’re gorgeous. <3

Tsuki Matsuri, THE place to go for Sailor Moon coloring pages, has updated with a bunch of new, awesome coloring pages for almost every character! 

This website allows you to upload a pdf and have it converted to text. In other words, if you scanned some kind of document and it doesn’t allow you to copy/paste/etc because it’s a picture as opposed to text, this website will be able to convert it to text in seconds so you don’t have to waste your time typing everything out. It’s SUPER useful!

My favorite horror movies (and where to watch them)
I love horror movies. I really, really love horror movies, especially those of the psychological variety. Even if they don’t scare me (which is most of the time), they still have amazing storytelling techniques and keep your interest throughout. I recommend these movies whether you’re looking for a good scare or just want to watch a great film!
  • Alien (1979)- A classic movie about a starship’s crew terrorized by an unstoppable and deadly extraterrestrial that ruthlessly hunts them down one by one.
  • Lake Mungo (2008)- A mockumentary about a grieving family seeking to uncover their dead daughter’s secrets, which may be the cause of why she has seemingly been unable to move on.
  • The Poughkeepsie Tapes (2007)- Another mockumentary about the discovery of hundreds of tapes detailing one serial killer’s decades of profoundly disturbing “work.” The movie is a mixture of said tapes and interviews from people involved with the case.
  • Jaws (1975)- One of the most famous films of all time, Jaws details the menace of a massive, man-eating great white shark on Amity Island and the measures taken by the local police chief to destroy it once and for all.
  • Ringu (1998)- Arguably the most well-known J-horror film of all time (and responsible for bringing the genre to the attention of Western countries), Ringu depicts an unsettling video tape rumored to cause the death of whomever watches it within seven days. After witnessing it, Reiko Asakawa must race against time to find the cure to her predicament.
  • [REC] (2007)- The basis of the American remake Quarantine, [REC] is a found-footage film following the actions of a reporter and her cameraman who are unintentionally dragged into a horrifying mess when they are locked in a dark apartment with something sinister lurking within.
  • Ju-On (2000)- Another J-horror film (which inspired the Grudge series), Ju-on (aka The Curse) details the story of a house haunted by a vengeful onryō and the havoc wreaked on whoever is unfortunate enough to encounter her.
  • Sinister (2012)- After true-crime writer Ellison Oswalt moves into a house that was the setting for a gruesome murder in order to get ideas for his new book, he discovers a box of home movies that put the lives of himself and his family in grave danger.
  • The Descent (2005)- A caving expedition involving six women goes horribly wrong after they are trapped within an unmapped cave system. Worse still, they soon discover they aren’t alone… 
  • Perfect Blue (1998)- The only anime film on this list. While Perfect Blue isn’t a horror film in the strictest sense of the word, it’s a psychological thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat and, for lack of a better word, mindfucks you. It revolves around Mima, an ex-idol who has decided to venture into the acting world. After filming a particularly traumatic scene, Mima becomes unable to distinguish reality from fantasy and soon begins a downward spiral. However, her fears may not be as unfounded as they seem…
If you need to convert ANY kind of file for any reason

(like mp4 to mp3, pdf to epub, YouTube videos to mp4, etc)

This website has ALL of it! It’s the most well-organized and comprehensive conversion site I’ve ever seen! (and I’ve seen quite a few) Not to mention it’s all completely free and very fast. It’s one of my favorite sites, just wanted to share!

I have listed my beach Minako and pajama Ami gashapons on eBay for those who are interested!

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