Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss!

Oh my God, I don’t even KNOW what I love the most about this. Let me try to break it down:

  • The fact that Michiru is being a literal lipstick lesbian
  • The fact that Michiru uses her Talisman, or the sacred item that both reveals the truth and signifies Michiru’s duties as a Senshi, to check her makeup
  • Michiru being so furious at having her makeup choices critiqued that she shatters her lipstick tube with her bare hands in a fit of rage
  • The fact that Michiru is furious at being displaced. In other words, SHE feels like the’s the resident fashionista and Yaten can go fuck herself up and down the hall if she thinks she can take that away from her
  • Michiru being so curious about Mako’s whereabouts that she goes from Hulk-like rage to quiet curiosity in about .00002 seconds
  • Mako basically being like “NOBODY WHO LOVES FLOWERS IS A BAD PERSON~” Like, did she forget Tellu? Aka the witch who stole people’s souls with her flowers?

Ugh, I wish we got to see more of the girls’ normal high school lives. There should totally be a spinoff manga that’s completely dedicated to their wacky hijinks at Juuban High.

I love all of the matching shots in episode 172! I wish they had done this sort of thing more often.


Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Act 42 [x]

Mako is such a great character because she’s so, so complex. She’s torn between masculinity and femininity and, while she normally has these traits balanced out and complimenting each other, sometimes she gets insecure and worries that she’s not as “girly” as she should be or, on the flip side, that she’s not strong enough to protect her loved ones. Act 42 really does a fantastic job examining Mako! 

Rei being ironically critical of girl friends reminded me that Makoto's intro conversation with Usagi in PGSM has her specifically mention no *girls* ever approached her. It felt like a casual line, but that version of Makoto seems so much more openly tomboyish/less crush-obsessed that I wondered if perhaps *female* relationships were one of her issues, and that male ones (since she would be "just one of the guys") only became one if she started crushing on one of them. What's your spin on it?


I’m watching PGSM so piecemeal at the moment that it’s tough to say for sure how I see this version of the girls over the long-term. So my opinion on this may change when I’ve been able to dig into it a bit better.

The impression I’ve gotten from PGSM Mako’s past, thus far anyway, is largely the same as our Mako. She seems to be pretty much isolated from everyone, male or female.

I’m going back through my liveblog of that episode real fast because it’s quicker than getting the file (WHY AM I LOOKING AT THIS, IT JUST MAKES ME WANT TO WATCH PGSM DAMMIT), specifically at the scene where Mako is remembering everyone turning away from her.

Here’s who’s first:


Particularly given what’s just happened, I think this is Senpai. Who I definitely see as existing in PGSM-verse. Mako jumps a little too quickly to standing around forever in the rain, and her reaction when nobody shows up is a little too broken. This has happened to her before, and I’m pretty much going with that being senpai’s fault (because fuck that guy).

Third, fourth, and final images are these:




We have no context for of these people at all of course, so we can only speculate who they may be. I have no doubt that Mako experienced this repeatedly in her very short life, so these could either be specific people or representations. I’m not familiar enough with Japan’s social efforts for orphans (though I know it’s quite poor), but perhaps some of them are people she worked with in that capacity? Foster care or social workers or equivalent? Teachers she thought she could rely on? Family members?

What they do all have in common is that they’re male (or at least appear to be), and older.

But the second is this:


They’re the only girls we see. They’re the only ones who don’t appear alone. They’re clearly in school uniforms.

What I wonder is if they’re specific people, or are they simply representative of all of Mako’s classmates? People she could never feel close to or connect with? It doesn’t say, but I think that distinction is important.

Given the differences between this shot and the others, I think they’re meant to represent a group — the girls Mako erroneously thought were friends, or the friends she was never able to make.

But this picture also stands out from the others because they’re clearly peers and the ONLY peers. People Three through Five, they look to in suits or well-dressed, which to me gives them an air of authority. I don’t see any males (senpai excluded) who could really be considered a friend.

I really don’t think that Mako had friends at all, male OR female.

So going back to your question! It could well be my version of the episode, but here’s what’s I’ve got for that line:


I read that one very specific way.

As I was skimming through the episode looking for this scene, I saw this:


This one image doesn’t really capture it, but people are all but LEAPING out of Mako’s way. I know she’s cutting a bit of an imposing figure here, but that seems a bit excessive. Everyone’s jumping aside and whispering to each other and watching her pass, and one thing is painfully clear: Mako has a reputation. People are afraid of her.



At BEST Mako has been at Juuban for two days, and already this is what she’s facing.

So when Mako says that Usagi is the first girl who’s come and talked to her, I think it’s because she’s already had encounters with boys (like the Mako’s Introduction Standard Issue Street Toughs), and all they want to do is fight her. I’m not sure “girl” is the word to emphasize in that statement so much as “talk”.

This is already way more words and pictures than I needed, but fuck, you’ve waited four months and it’s 1am.

Basically, from my fuzzy PGSM memories of only the first little bit of the show, I don’t think Mako finds it any easier to have boy friends than she does girl friends. I think Mako just hasn’t had FRIENDS, period.

That’s definitely the impression I got as well. Mako intimidated EVERYONE, not just the girls. In fact, I think some guys would be reluctant to hang around her because she was stronger than them and that threatened them (remember, Mako took on a group of thugs singlehandedly and won; this girl can obviously handle herself well). And the girls never got to see Mako’s softer, more feminine side because they were too afraid of her tough exterior to bother getting to know her.

I always got the impression that Usagi was the very first person to actually see Mako beyond her whole “delinquent schoolgirl” reputation. To Usagi, Mako was only “that awesome girl with the pretty rose earrings and the adorable lunch who saved me,” so she had no problem with plopping herself down and asking for a bite of Mako’s lunch. What’s so sad is that Mako was immediately kind and friendly and welcoming to Usagi and they hit it off right away. If everyone in Mako’s life up until that point had bothered to give her the time of day instead of judging her right off the bat, maybe she wouldn’t have been so lonely.  

I made some memes of the Senshi’s attacks Pokemon style! I’ll do another set with some of the other Senshi. 



"Oops well I broke the shit out of that, Uhm, here?"

I love how nothing about Mako comes across the same as she was just a second ago.

From this, all suspicion and fierceness and action:


to this, cute and sheepish and friendly:


And they are both her in every single way.


Also how adorable is her mirror?


Shut the fuck UP.


Today is my dear friend Kat's birthday, so of course I had to make her something! Kat, I hope you had the awesomest birthday ever because you deserve it for being the awesomest friend ever <33

Today is my dear friend Kat's birthday, so of course I had to make her something! Kat, I hope you had the awesomest birthday ever because you deserve it for being the awesomest friend ever <33


Fanart by Rurutia8.
Headcanon: Mako still sleeps with a teddy bear.

The bear was a gift from her parents; as a child, Mako treasured it, and after her parents died she cherished it even more. That bear helped Mako through many difficult nights after her parents’ deaths and was there to comfort her as she cried herself to sleep. Even as Mako grew older, she still loved her bear and slept with it every night.

Soon after becoming a Senshi and meeting the other girls, Mako invited them over for cake and tea at her apartment. Still insecure in her new friendships, she moved the bear from its place on her bed and tried to hide it elsewhere in her room; she was still guarded, and having her new  teammates and friends laughing at her for still sleeping with a teddy bear would be more than she could bear.

When the girls came over, Usagi’s wandering eye (because, after all, how could anyone keep their eyes from wandering in an apartment full of such cute things?) caught the bear. She immediately hugged it and squealed over how cute it was, asking where Mako got it. Hesitantly, Mako explained how the teddy bear was a gift from her late parents and that she still liked to keep it close. However, to her surprise, the others chimed in with their own stories: Usagi enthusiastically told Mako about a much-loved and much-tattered stuffed rabbit, Ami had a blanket that her mother made for her, and even Rei had a stuffed crow that her grandfather had given her for her birthday (Minako wasn’t in the picture at this point, but her room looks like a freaking Toys-R-Us so it’s not like she can’t relate). 

Mako never told them, but it was this incident that really bound her to her friends and caused her to truly open up to them. From that day on, the stuffed bear always had a proud place at the head of Mako’s bed.

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