Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss!

Can we talk about how fucking gorgeous Usagi is in the opening because W O W

My favorite caps of Usagi from episode 2 ♥︎

I have so much love for Ikuko-mama. She’s a mother in every sense of the word. Time and time again we see her take in children/teenagers and treat them as her own (Chibiusa, Chibi Chibi, Usagi’s friends, etc). 

I especially love this scene because Ikuko knew what to say even though she didn’t actually know what was going on. At this point in the R arc, Chibiusa is sick with worry over her mother, Neo-Queen Serenity. Not only that, but she’s terribly homesick; all around her, she keeps seeing happy families and other little girls with their mamas and she can’t help but tear up.

When she gets sad and lonely again, Ikuko picks up on it and immediately reassures Chibiusa that she loves her just as much as she loves Usagi and Shingo. Although Chibiusa is away from her own mom, Ikuko is there to comfort her and try to mother her as best as she can. Even after the events of the R arc, when Chibiusa’s real parents are fine and safe in the 30th Century, Chibiusa continues to depend on Ikuko. In the SuperS season, she even refers to Ikuko as her second mother and tells Usagi that she loves Ikuko and Neo-Queen Serenity equally.

Basically, Ikuko is just all-around fantastic and I wish she got more recognition.

I swear on my life that I will make a compilation of villains getting confused by Tuxedo Mask’s speeches very soon. I mean, I can’t not do it.

So, if the trailer for Crystal is anything to go by, it looks like they’re doing away with the stylized hearts in the planetary symbols and keeping the symbols pretty much exactly the same as they are in the real world.

I actually like this. The hearts are cute and all, and but having the real planetary symbols makes the Senshi look much more badass and mature!

Michiru Kaioh (Episode 97)

Sailor Pluto + eyeshadow = ♥_

I think I love Sweet Dee as much as I do because she makes me feel like a better person, haha.

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