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stank face replied to your post: I’m not fit to be a caregiver

I wish you had a side blog for this stuff

Yeah, no, it’s really shitty of me to want to post about my life, feelings, and troubles on a blog that I started for myself. Fuck me, right?

oshiokiyo replied to your post: Guys…

If you’re going to use my gif on your post at least link me for credit. Thank you bb

Sorry bb! I ended up taking it down, static pictures work better anyway. Please don’t hate me, I still want to marry you ;__;

hazzabarratt reblogged your post YOU GUYS YOU GUYS HOLY FUCKING SHIT and added:

You didn’t give them permission to use it in their show. That amounts to theft though.

I would definitely be mad if it was something I actually spent time on, but, like I said, that meme took zero effort. It’s literally the meme I put the least amount of time, energy, and creativity into, to the point where it pretty much means nothing to me 

I definitely get what you’re saying, and it would have been way better if they had, you know, let me know it was going to be on TV, but I don’t really care about it. 

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That word and the little “?” at the end pretty much sums up this entire event.

linatrinch answered your post: It’s hilarious how everyone and their …

you’re trying to figure out genetics in a show that has pink and blue hair

Oh no, I’m not. Other people are, though. 

Genetics are useless in anime, after all.

cosmicwaters replied to your post: I really hate it when Western “feminis…

Literally this and your other post are so perfect this is the kind of article people need to be reading about sailor moon not that piece of shit article calling out Usagi for being scared in her first two fights at 14 years old with monsters

Ah, thank you!

I’m just extremely passionate about magical girls in sailor fuku, haha. And I think that’s what separates me (and other people who post rebuttals to bullshit posts) from the people who pull half-baked “analyses” about what they think Sailor Moon is about from their asses. Sailor Moon holds a very special and precious place in my heart and I will talk about why it does for days on end. Most of those other writers seem to just be pandering to people like them by slinging around buzzwords and putting up strawmen like the whole “Sailor Moon always needs Tuxedo Mask to save her” schtick. 

moniquiieee replied to your post: Another milestone so soon??? Holy shit…

omfg i swear you hit 4000 like two months ago. congrats :).


I think I hit 5,000 late last August; ever since then, I get another 1,000 within a one-two month time span. Now it seems like that time span keeps getting shorter (like I said, 10,000 was just at the beginning of this month!). It’s really just snowballing at this point. I still can’t believe it, I started this blog three years ago thinking I’d be lucky to get 50 followers! 

I think it’s because of Sailor Moon Crystal; I always get TONS of people whenever a new episode airs or news is announced. 

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#i dunno if any of these are scary so if you’re scared easily i’d watch out

Just as a reference, here are the mockumentaries that are either in the horror genre or are generally creepy throughout:

Horror movies:

  • The Poughkeepsie Tapes (NOT for the faint of heart)
  • The Tunnel
  • Lake Mungo (more of a drama but definitely has its moments)
  • Lovely Monster

Generally creepy movies:

  • Megalodon: The Giant Shark Lives (it’s about a 50-foot-long prehistoric shark, so yeah, scariness is kind of a given)
  • Metalosis Maligna (the disease’s symptoms are really gory and creepy)
  • Incident at Loch Ness

xosailormars replied to your post: Lmao, anon is so salty cause they’re n…

Did you ever, EVER, think you’d type the phrase “check my Kim Kardashian Hollywood tag” before this day?


Please excuse me, I need to reflect on my life choices.


I’ve invested way more in this game than I’m comfortable to admit.

At least I’m not one of those people who’s actually spent hundreds of IRL dollars on it, though.

seenathan reblogged your post Long rant ahead, feel free to ignore and added:

I love how some followers pretty much say “You are BLESSED to have ME following you, and this is what I get!?” Like they’re some sort of famous celebrity that you’re obligated to cater to.

Seriously, just how big can a human’s ego get?


That’s why, whenever someone actually tells me they’re unfollowing me and expect me to be devastated, I basically just tell them to fuck off and leave already. I do the same with people who act like they’re “hanging on a thread” to my blog.

If you’re so entitled that you think that I should cater my entire blog to you and then try to coerce me into doing so by acting like I should be honored that you’ve graced me with your presence, then you should just go ahead and click that unfollow button. I will never, ever indulge a random, overly entitled stranger on the internet.

poppypicklesticks reblogged your post (My Sailor V merchandise is here)We… and added:

where’s your Sailor Venus figuarts?

I totally forgot to include my Figuarts in the collection photos ;____; It’s because they’re on my dresser while 95% of the rest of my collection is located on a bookshelf. 

comicsqueen replied to your post: Rewatching the Amy’s Baking Company ep…

Have you seen where he goes back?

I know there’s a followup episode that just aired a few months ago, but to my knowledge Gordon Ramsay didn’t actually meet them again; he had another commitment and so a local reporter interviewed them for him. 


Episode 2 is out, and Usagi’s just really cute!

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