Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss!

I doubt your professor will take this seriously lollllll maybe you should consider something else or just anime in general

No, she’s okay with it. I’ve already asked her.

And if she didn’t take it seriously at first, this is an argumentative paper. It’s my job to make her take it seriously; that’s the entire point.

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Ever read Presents?

No! Please tell me more!

okay that’s just really gross wow people. that reaction picture is perfect; if your parents aren’t disapointed yet then idk

The really sad part is that fetishizing serial killers/spree killers/murderers/other monsters is in no way new. Like I mentioned in the tags of the original post, women used to send Jeffrey Dahmer (a serial killer who, by the way, fucking ATE his victims because he was a cannibal) their panties after he was imprisoned; they only reason why they stopped is because he was executed in 1994. It’s pretty hilarious in a really dark way, because Dahmer was actually gay; I doubt he was interested in receiving women’s underwear. Ted Bundy, another serial killer who exclusively targeted girls and young women, allegedly received hundreds of pieces of fanmail when he was in prison.

There’s actually a name for this kind of behavior: Hybristophilia. Which basically translates to “These children need to be doused with holy water and then smacked over the head with common sense.”

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What about the rest of the question? Hahahaha Sorry for mixing it all up!

Oh, sorry! I have a bad habit of not fully answering asks with multiple questions, haha. It’s because after I finish answering one question, I assume I’m finished!

Anyway, as for your other question

"Also, do you think Crystal, if it gets more seasons, will keep the anime exclusive items and some item designs that differ greatly (like the Carillon)? I really like the Crystal Change Rods and Lip Rods and would hate to see them go, but would love to see the Sailor Crystals too! I could take or leave the Eternal Moon Article, but I wanna see some Holy Moon Chalice action!"

That’s a really good point! I have a feeling that, if we get up to the Infinity (3rd) arc, we’ll see the Lip Rods make a return. They’ve already made quite a lot of new Lip Rod merchandise and the fandom is gobbling it right up; clearly, the Lip Rods are still massively popular. Not only that, they have no manga counterpart; they were specifically invented for the anime because the Outer Senshi (and the Inner Senshi, minus the Moons) had no transformation devices whatsoever in the Infinity arc. I can’t imagine Crystal wasting a merchandising opportunity by going with no transformation devices, so they’ll probably bring the Lip Rods back. 

As for the Crystal Change Rods, sadly I don’t think they’ll be returning. Unlike the Lip Rods, which had no manga equivalent, the Crystal Change Rods replaced the Sailor Crystals in the manga. So I think that, if/when we get to the Dream arc, they’ll just use the Sailor Crystals instead.

As for the overall designs, they’ll probably stick closer to the manga.

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I like your view on the sailor moon universe. You’re not a hysterical shipper (like at least 90% of the fandom) but then again open for almost everything. That’s very rare and nice to see here on tumblr

Thank you so much~!


Working idea for a cover page:

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gurl your blog is your thesis

As much as I love that, I also have posts like this on my blog:

Soooo it gets a little fuzzy, haha. 

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DAMMIT! How did you know? And why am I unable to bop till I reach the top? FUCK.

Also, this is really random but when I was in sixth grade, my music teacher choreographed a dance for my class set to Bop to the Top. We practiced that shit all the time. We never actually preformed it but like ALL YEAR the girls would get together and dance on the playground lmao.

fuckin nerd

says the girl who vehemently defends High School Musical

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Very nice! Any tips on hitting the big ball of yarn at the end? I only manage it by luck like one time in 20.

I pretty much always do the unlimited level, where you keep going until you miss three yarn balls; I do this because the Poke Puffs you get (even if you only get three or four stars) are way better than the ones you get on any other level. The big yarn ball never appears at the end, so I’ve forgotten how to get it! It was usually just luck for me, too.

…. those outerscout names confuse me— they don’t sound english— o.o the ones the were gonna have. or at least they don’t sound NA english

Nerissa and Corinn are uncommon names, but not completely unheard of in the English-speaking world. Celia's actually a very popular name, however.

Nerissa is a Greek name that means “from the sea” or “sea nymph.” The name is a reference to the Nereids, sea nymphs from Greek mythology who often accompanied Poseidon/Neptune, the god of the sea. Personally, I wish they had kept that name for Michiru because it fits perfectly!

Corinn (usually spelled Corinne) means “beautiful maiden” and Celia means “heaven.” I think that Haruka should have been given Celia (given the association with heaven; Sailor Uranus is the Soldier of the Heavens so there’s hardly a better name out there!). Setsuna would keep her final NA name, Trista, which means “full of sorrow.” I have to give the dubbers credit, because Trista works really well; Setsuna can be taken as a derivative of setsunai, which means “painful.”

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*zac efron voice* BET ON IT BET ON IT YOU CAN BET ON MEE

So not only do you have the complete HSM trilogy on DVD in your room, now you’re interjecting HSM lyrics into conversations.

Abby… I think we need to sit down and discuss your problem.

(also I’m laughing so hard because I Google Image searched “intervention” and the file name for this one is “drug-alcohol-intervention-canada” FUCKING CANADA. THIS JOKE WORKS ON SO MANY LEVELS.) 

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Stupid tumblr. Math is hard, but not *that* hard.But wow, you can actually check the numbers? Do you mind me asking how?

Xkit has an extension that lets you check your post limit! It’s called “Post Limit Checker.”


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Mickey Mouse walks on two legs but he’s still a mouse like really

Also, it’s not that weird for Hello Kitty to be a cat but also own a non-anthropomorphic cat; after all, Goofy and Pluto are both dogs but one of them is Mickey’s pet.

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