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*zac efron voice* BET ON IT BET ON IT YOU CAN BET ON MEE

So not only do you have the complete HSM trilogy on DVD in your room, now you’re interjecting HSM lyrics into conversations.

Abby… I think we need to sit down and discuss your problem.

(also I’m laughing so hard because I Google Image searched “intervention” and the file name for this one is “drug-alcohol-intervention-canada” FUCKING CANADA. THIS JOKE WORKS ON SO MANY LEVELS.) 

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Stupid tumblr. Math is hard, but not *that* hard.But wow, you can actually check the numbers? Do you mind me asking how?

Xkit has an extension that lets you check your post limit! It’s called “Post Limit Checker.”


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Mickey Mouse walks on two legs but he’s still a mouse like really

Also, it’s not that weird for Hello Kitty to be a cat but also own a non-anthropomorphic cat; after all, Goofy and Pluto are both dogs but one of them is Mickey’s pet.

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those are some tiny hands in crystal
To be fair, though, I think her hands in the manga (and to a lesser extent, the original anime) are pretty big, haha. 


There’s really nothing big happening, it’s just a lot of the blogs I follow are getting into fights (or rather, people are getting into fights with them) and I’m reading more ancient wank from years past (Ms. Scribe remains a favorite).

It’s just that after all of the drama in my personal life this week (“drama” meaning “anxiety over stupid shit” because what else would it mean, this is me we’re talking about) I’m so happy to be reminded that, for as down as I get on myself sometimes, at least I’m not someone who gets irrationally offended and starts a crusade at the drop of a hat, haha.

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That’s not even just in Japan, that’s everywhere. If the child is underage 16 (or whatever age in that country), the role is always double-cast.

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Hey, this could have gone in a much darker direction. 

You know.



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let’s go and kill’em

Oh, no. We’ll do much worse.

We’re going to stand outside their door and endlessly repeat Tuxedo Mask-esque speeches about the evils of plagiarism and the importance of respecting young maidens’ hearts until they repent. Or they call the police, either one.

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I need to draw him slaving over a sewing machine and dying his hair.


Show the fabric snagging and him losing hope and giving up before seeing a seam of lavender fabric in a store and being struck by inspiration. Then show him crafting all of his medals (one for enduring wedding planning with Usagi, one for saving the world, one for being the Most Lavender of All, etc) and lovingly pinning them on his suit. Please, the world needs this. 

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#SAILOR MOON#nudity#scopophobia#nsfw#whenever i see whites talk about asian culture#and especially ‘asian cultures’#’asian’#i get kind of#/:////#distrustful#getting to the point where i’m like not even - the red string of fate#its probably bastardized somehow#anyhow the rest of the post is interesting even though i’ll take the part on asian cultures with a grain of salt

Um, okay? Well, first of all, I don’t know why you automatically assumed that I’m white (I mean, I am, but the only physical attribute I give about myself in my about me description is that I’m 19 years old). Also, your about me says that you’rewhite, too, so I’m not sure where you were going with this.

Secondly, yes, the red string of fate IS an East Asian belief; it doesn’t belong to just one culture. It’s evident in Japan, China, and Korea, among other countries. I’m not quite sure what you mean by “bastardized,” considering that Naoko Takeuchi is a Japanese woman. Or, if you were referring to my own interpretation of Minako’s red bow, I’m not sure how that’s bastardized, either. Sailor Venus is based on the Goddess of Love, Venus, the entity who was in charge of bringing lovers together. It makes plenty of sense that Minako would have a visual representation of the red string of fate in her design.

I’m really just not sure what you’re aiming for here or why you felt the need to take it up on my post and accuse me of bastardizing East Asian culture.

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sis, that’s how your post comes across. if you just wanna talk about how joyous Sailor Moon has been for that past 20 years, keep it at that. the first sentence was insensitive.

From the original post:

"You know, this past week has been filled with awful stuff (everything from Robin Williams’ death to the incidents in Ferguson to the Ebola outbreak) but what’s really amazing is that, today, hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions of people were able to sit down and watch a new episode of Sailor Moon. We were able to get swept up in Usagi and Mamoru and Rei and Ami and forget about everything else for a while.”

While I understand that the first sentence may come across that way, the key is to continue reading to clear up any initial misconceptions. 

It goes on to say:

"I think that’s why Sailor Moon has continued to be so popular and thrive even two decades after it debuted; it’s been a constant source of hope, happiness, and support to millions of people in dozens of countries worldwide. And that’s why there’s no doubt in my mind that Sailor Moon will continue to thrive for many years to come.”

At this point, it should be pretty clear that I’m not congratulating people for watching anime. I’m congratulating Sailor Moon for being able to shine a light of hope in a weary world.

I understand not understanding that first sentence, but, like I said, I think the rest of the post does a pretty good job at articulating my point. I really do not understand what’s so offensive about this.

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Why is Setsuna dressed as chibiusa? *is curious* IS SETSUNA CHIBIUSA AND VICE VERSA?! XD

I actually don’t really understand much of the context because it seems kind of word-heavy (as opposed to being able to be interpreted by visuals). However, I think it’s because Setsuna misses Chibiusa (OF COURSE) so she cosplays as her to make herself feel better.

This particular artist always plays up Setsuna’s devotion to Chibiusa and it’s just fantastic. It’s made them one of my favorites!

And unfortunately, no, we don’t get to see Chibiusa dressed as Setsuna ;___;

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It’s called sailormoonpedia now!

Thanks so much! And I have to say, that name is perfect!

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