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It seems like some people need to have their lunch money stolen.

AND stuffed in a locker.

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Ugh. Like. These are the type of comments that make me scared to try medication. Also with the: “Don’t take pills because you’ll get addicted and overdose and die” and it’s like stop you’re making me scared to take something I really need

Honestly? Fuck them. I have no idea what happened to those people that rammed a gigantic metal pole up their asses, but they have no idea what they’re whining about. 

Yes, your body starts to depend on medication after you start taking it, but it’s nowhere near the same as addiction. Seriously, Kat, PLEASE DON’T BE AFRAID to try medication. Your doctor will do their best to find the medication that’s right for you and will adjust/change it if you start experiencing negative side effects. Taking that first step is hard, but it gets easier every time.

I read in chibiusas picture book that sailor cosmos is chibi chibi..but o still think sailor moon is cosmos…who knows

Well, it’s pretty complicated. Yes, Sailor Cosmos and Chibi Chibi are one in the same, but Chibi Chibi isn’t a real person; she’s a disguise that was used by Cosmos in order to blend in in Usagi’s time. During that time, the Inner and Outer Senshi were extremely suspicious of any new Senshi thanks to the evil Shadow Galactica Senshi and the ambiguous and (to them) untrustworthy Sailor Starlights. So, in order to get close to Usagi, Sailor Cosmos took the form of an innocent, helpless child who would be protected and welcomed instead of suspected and treated with hostility. 

So the question is who Sailor Cosmos herself really is. It seems like the majority of fans believe that she is the ultimate form of Sailor Moon (meaning, Usagi from the distant future), but there are also many alternate theories out there. Sailor Cosmos is meant to be an extremely ambiguous character whose identity, motives, and everything else can be interpreted in a multitude of ways; even Naoko Takeuchi herself has said that she has no idea who Cosmos really is.

(pssst. They were being sarcastic)

Idk, I usually have a great sarcasm detector and I was getting some serious idiot vibes off of this post. I’m like 99% sure that they were serious.

These were just from idiotic men. Just let them continue to be alone and wear mandals.

I don’t think it’s fair to assume that everyone who criticizes Sailor Moon is a man (even if that criticism boils down to “it’s just about clothes); I’ve met plenty of girls who dislike Sailor Moon. Idiocy wears gender blinders.

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It’s a shame it was a wasp, if it was a bee you could’ve put it in your Hardcore Tough Kids’ Lunchables and chewed it for honey. STILL PRETTY HARDCORE THOUGH, KILLING A WASP WITH FRILLY PILLOWS

I love how our Cards Against Humanity group now has inside jokes that won’t make any fucking sense to the vast majority of people who happen to read this post, haha.

And the frilly pillow actually has a picture of a cute little dog on it. EXTRA HARDCORE POINTS. 

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Are you cereal? Are you SUPER-cereal?

I’m actually super, DUPER cereal. 

Go to your HTML customization.

That’s the problem, though; I don’t remember the code I used to disable right-clicking, so I can’t remove it. I’m also worried about damaging the regular HTML.

Takeuchi clearly stol— *ahem* borrowed a lot of older shoujo manga, and other stuff so I’m not surprised.

I don’t think it’s fair to say that she “stole” anything; I mean, just like how Sailor Moon is basically the template to all modern magical girl series, of course Naoko was inspired by the shoujo and magical girl manga that preceded Sailor Moon. Unless someone is blatantly ripping someone else’s work off and claiming it as their own, usually any similarities a work shares with an earlier work can be chalked up to being homages/shout-outs/etc.

Minako dressed as the devil dancing over “Good Minako’s” grave and singing “I Am Evil Minako!” Good idea for a commission or not?

Well, it has Minako in it, so that alone makes it worth paying for. Throw in Minako killing her sane, good counterpart? Yes, please!

the only thing missing is google+ being shoved down our throats like in youtube

Oh, God. If that happened, I’d officially go over the edge and start a resistance movement dedicated to shutting Google+ down for eternity.



bb why does it gotta be liek dis


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and the fact that you are worried about being a suspect for murder… very suspicious ;)

Oh Katie, you’re so funny, haha!

*quietly books a flight to Canada to tie up a loose end…* 

They aren’t tbh

Oh, no, I know they aren’t! What I want to know is why a Tumblr app is telling me to put on a tinfoil hat, haha.

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