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Also, do you think that Sailor MOON could be the MOON Princess? No, it’s probably Sailor Venus instead!

Like, I know that this is the case with 100% of all Sailor Moon mediums, but adding the whole “THERE’S NO WAY SERENA COULD BE PRINCESS SERENITY SERENA” thing on top of it made it so much worse. So, so much worse.

Also, this is random, but Serena’s line delivery when she finds out that she’s Princess Serenity Serena is hilarious. She sounds like she just heard a particularly juicy piece of gossip about someone else.

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why are you just NOW finding out about this, people have shipped Ash/Pikachu since day 1. And hell, Ash/Latias is semi canon.

I probably should have elaborated on this more; I’ve always known that people ship Pokemon with humans (or draw porn of Pokemon… that’s a whole nother level of creepy) but I had no idea people actually wrote fucking Bulbapedia articles to argue in favor of the ship being “canon.” I just… what? Why, Bulbapedia? Why did you do this.

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In the french dub, Usagi is called “Bunny”!

Like 98% of the dubs of the original anime had Usagi as Bunny (or the word for bunny in that particular dub’s language). The English dub really broke the pattern by calling her “Serena.” Don’t get me wrong, Serena’s a very pretty name, but I’ve always preferred Bunny! I think it suits her better. Serena seems too elegant, haha.

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but are you really that surprised?

The sheer lack of surprise I felt is what really got me.

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remember when madoka almost sold her soul for cake

big cake, excuse you. Totally worth it!


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I dislike it myself, because it seems like it devalues their choices? Were Kenji and Ikuko’s past incarnations ever interested in each other, or did Queen Serenity just dump them together for Usagi? And even Shingo - there for her, not himself. =/

I don’t think that it makes their choices any less valid. Even if they weren’t interested in each other, they still met and fell in love like any other couple. It’s the same deal with Usagi and Mamoru; they didn’t fall in love because fate “told” them to, they fell in love because they fell in love.

As for Shingo, once again, I didn’t mean to imply that he’s only there as a prop for Usagi. Shingo gets to grow up in the same loving, supportive household and enjoy a happy life on Earth. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

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I love that headcannon for Ikuko and I share it but applying it to Kenji and Shingo makes me a little sad somehow… I don’t know how to put it really

How so? I’m really curious!

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shit when did you get so old

I can already feel the wrinkles forming.

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have you tried searching for sailor moon criticism on Google?

Yes, but unfortunately, all that popped up were reviews, especially of the latest Crystal episodes!

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I don’t know if this article will be helpful or not (…) but the comments might be.

Oh man, I remember ripping this article to shreds a few weeks ago, haha. I’d love to do it again! It seems sourceable, at least. 

I’m still looking for more anti-Sailor Moon articles that I can argue against! They’ll help me prove my argument.

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I’m just laughing cause like, everyone that always classified him as a secondary character now has to bite the bullet and accept that he’s not just a throw away character.

EXACTLY. Don’t get me wrong, I love all incarnations of Mamoru, but he wasn’t exactly the star of the first anime. He was given less and less attention as the series wore on until he disappeared entirely in Stars. So I understand where people who have only really seen the 90s anime are coming from.

But they also need to accept that Mamoru is a pretty big deal in the manga, which is what Crystal is closely following. You don’t have to like him or want him to be in the spotlight, but don’t act like it’s this huge, derailing offense that he’s being given a lot of attention. That’s the way it’s always been meant to be. 

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Do you think this means Zoisite also made a twitter hashtag movement when he brainwashed everyone? #GetTheCrystal

(Note: I loved this so much I tried to make fake tweets of it but all the generators I found were butts and didn’t work)

Lmao, I can just imagine people tweeting their every thought under #GetTheCrystal. 

"I found this golf ball, is it the Crystal? #GetTheCrystal”

And then Zoisite is just like

"You just called it a golf ball, didn’t you? So no. Keep looking and try to use your brain this time. #SurroundedByIdiots"

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Is there anything you can’t do? God you’re awesome.

Cartwheels. They’re my only weakness.

But seriously, thanks a lot!

I doubt your professor will take this seriously lollllll maybe you should consider something else or just anime in general

No, she’s okay with it. I’ve already asked her.

And if she didn’t take it seriously at first, this is an argumentative paper. It’s my job to make her take it seriously; that’s the entire point.

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Ever read Presents?

No! Please tell me more!

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