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Sailor Moon Crystal

I bought a custom pin of the Prism Heart Compact off of Yahoo Japan and it’s finally here! It’s a lot smaller than what I was expecting (as evidenced by the size comparison with my hand) but it’s still adorable and very well made!

More importantly, this means that I finally have at least one representation of all of Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon’s brooches in my collection! Well, I’m still missing hrs Eternal Article, but I’ll work on that!

A while ago, someone asked me a very good question. I think that it deserves its own post.

Here it is!


I lucked out on this question, because I think the series itself answers it beautifully, numerous times.

From the Sailor Stars Kaiteiban musical:


To be a Sailor Senshi is to fight to end fighting, to take the burden of battle upon themselves so others don’t have to. To be a Sailor Senshi is to fight, not out of hatred or bloodlust or vengeance, but out of the desire to see the day when violence and strife are things of the past.

Also, here are lyrics from Sailor War:

Our dreams and memories are unfinished,
But we understand that the time has come

For the people we love,
We’ll protect them with these hands
Raise your eyes
It’s time to fight!
Raise your eyes!
It’s time to fight!

To be a Sailor Senshi is to be willing to sacrifice your hopes and dreams for the sake of your loved ones. It doesn’t matter that you may die in your next battle and never get to live out your dream; what matters is fighting as hard as you can to protect what’s precious to you.

Usagi herself said as much:

And that brings me to my last point. To be a Sailor Soldier is to be powered by love, hope, and justice. Even Sailor Galaxia, a soldier powered by hatred, despair, and megalomania, was eventually overpowered by Sailor Moon and her unfailing love. 

One of my doujinshi had this picture of Haruka in Mugen Academy’s female uniform. I just had to color it!

One of my doujinshi had this picture of Haruka in Mugen Academy’s female uniform. I just had to color it!

Me every time new Sailor Moon merchandise is announced

I didn’t notice this before but it’s fucking perfect

Look at Kunzite compared to the rest of the Shitennou.



For closer inspection, here’s Zoisite:


Now here’s Kunzy.


Of COURSE Kunzite has his collar popped. Of COURSE he’s just too cool and sexy to button up that pesky shirt. It doesn’t matter that literally everyone is following the dress code, Kunzite just HAS to be different by refusing to button his collar and wearing big earrings. Of COURSE he needs a fucking cape and different shoes.

I imagine that Beryl lectures him about the dress code like every week and he still keeps being rebellious. He reminds me of the girls in my Catholic grade school, who always tried to accessorize their uniforms and break the dress code and would eventually be sent to the principal’s office.

Except, in this case, I bet getting sent to the principal’s office involves being sent to Metallia’s chamber where she bombards you with pain and evil energy until you fall over. 

Unf at Mamoru, though. His uniform is hella sexy.

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